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    Anyone near Ely Cambridgeshire who can give me a hand?

    Hi guys, After several months fighting laryngeal cancer, my oncologist has given me the bad news that it has spread to my lungs and given me less than a year to live. Rather than leave my wife with the task of disposing of my tools I plan on selling them in aid of Macmillan. Unfortunately I am...
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    Where to go for sharpening

    Any suggestions where to go (or what to google) to get the knives for my Axminster MB9020 resharpened? I have ordered a new pair but as they say they are resharpenable I thought I should give it a go.
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    Trend T4 not starting

    Hi all, Just got a Trend T4EL 110V off of the bay but it will not start properly. It will run for less than a second then die or just plain refuse to start. I suspect it is the speed controller but would like to hear from anyone with experience of these before I decide if I have to reject it...
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    Multi function tools

    As I have very little room in my workshop, I am tempted by the idea of multi-function tools like this http://www.poolewood.co.uk/acatalog/SIP ... chine.html does anyone have any experience with them?
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    Axminster January Sale?

    Does anyone know if Axminster usually have a January sale? Getting ready to place my order and wondering if I should wait a few weeks.
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    Radial Drill

    Has anyone gone hands on with an Axminster AWBRD550? They are too far for me to go have a look but I am very tempted to order one.
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    Which is which

    I have been offered some english cherry for £20 per cube foot, is this a good price? He is also offering Yew and Oak and has sent pictures, can someone tell me which is which please.
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    wooden trike

    Does anyone have any plans or advice for building a wooden trike for my two year old grandaughter.
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    MDF strenght

    Hi, I am planing a shoe rack/bench to be made from 25mm MDF. Given that people will sit on it to change shoes, do I need to put a central support on a 70cm span?
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    Dust collecting

    I am thinking of making one of these http://www.cgallery.com/jpthien/cy.htm has anyone tried it? What were the results?
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    planer blades

    Does anyone know where I can find replacement blades for an ELU EPT1911 or can confirm that they are the same as the DW733S. Thanks, Paul
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    Elu planer identification

    I have just picked this up on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/300589897755? ... 1439.l2649 It needs a good clean and has a little surface rust but I have seen it runing so should be a bargain. Problem is that I can't find any identifying marks and there is no manual. If anyone can help with an...
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    Lathe value

    Sorting out my workshop to try and get more usable space I came across my spare Tyme Cub lathe with a 47 inch bed. Question is what is it worth?
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    I am looking for a thicknesser but don't have a lot of money. Is this any good http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... K:MEWAX:IT or would I be better off waiting until I have saved some more?
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    Record BS300 Band Saw

    I am going to look at a secondhand BS300, any hints or tips about what to look out for would be appreciated. Thanks