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    Upgrade sliding mitre saw

    There are some of you out there who know far more than me about tools - I have a old sliding mitre saw (noisy on its 3 set of brushes and not accurate) and want to upgrade for christmas to a new or 2nd hand 240v Dewalt or Makita but would like the replacement to use 250 254mm size blades. I...
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    Virtual shopping at Wickes and B & Q

    I know things are difficult but I need some roofing lats - got on the website to Wickes - I was in a queue before allowed to virtual shop 45min ! no thank you , did the same for B & Q in the queue no time just more than an hour. Hope things get back to normal soon and this Virus gets a cure.
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    Electrical Conduit sizes

    Just been summoned to make some furniture using galvanised conduit (bathroom towel shelves) - have ordered some fittings and pipes; but will need to thread some pipe ends !! the pipe conduit is sold in 20mm 25mm and larger but the dies are in 3/4" 1. 1/2" . Question : which die set...
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    Aldi wood planner

    Just wondering if anyone has a view or experienced the; Ferrex Wood Jointer/Planer from Aldi - one of you may recognise its a rebadged something or other - what attract me is 3 years warranty and they take items back with out any fuss.
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    Brass screws and cup inserts

    Hi - just a question hopefully someone can direct me the right direction - I am fitting oak skirting to a conservatory so it may get a little damp / condensation and don't want to use iron / steel wood screws as they may rust and stain the oak; any suggestions where I can order 2" brass...
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    Cheap bit of kit but love it - and looking for a better one

    Went to the woodworking show, Harrogate a second hand stall was selling a 100mm XY vice or compound vice Knocked him down to £15 as I don't have one thought it may come in handy when using the pillar drill - since then everything get tightened to the vice; a little left a little right back...
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    Wheres Sheffields AIMI !

    Now I'm all for saving trees and Sheffield has had a few problem lately with the cutting down of trees that maybe causing a problem or not ! - It may be me ! or because I read to many threads on this site ! But when I see protesters and chain saws on the National and Local news I can only...
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    Beech work top finish

    Hi my daughter has just moved house, this one has what looks to be a thick Beech Island work top with an inset sink ! no drainer. Just wondering if others could give me some pointers on how to treat the wood top to help stop the water marks. My advice so far don't mix water with wood worktops...
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    Quiz time - what three wood have been used - answers Fri.

    This is not to test anyone more a test on me posting pictures - far too often I get the result too big. So hope I posted 2 pictures - made from scraps of wood that should really be in the bin. Will post answer tomorrow - the winner gets a big fat nothing.
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    replacement Makita batterys

    A subject I have very little experience in - Replacement batteries (PA14; 14.4volt). One of my battery packs for Makita Drill has failed not bad after 15/16 years. I would like a new battery but since they are both pretty old will replace both - The double drill pack cost £79 15 years ago -...
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    Dust masks

    I have use the paper disposal type masks for ages but reading someones comments about how ineffective they are got me thinking; yes dangerous. So not wanting to go for the full face ventilated helmet - can anyone recommend a wood dust mask that they feel are effective and replacement filters...
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    North Wales woodfest

    Someone may be able to help 24th to 26th June is the Wales Woodfest; and since her indoors is working I was going to attend on my own without the car and caravan and stop over night in the white van (far easier for a night or two) ! maybe someone can recommend a stopover site, farmers field...
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    Buying oxy and oxygen

    An old friend of mine has an oxyacetylene gas welder with hoses and torches in his garage and has offered it to me! could any one give an idea of cost to get the tanks refilled I know the oxygen is has run out. British gas only seem to rent out there own bottles, for my usage its not worth a...
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    Some more candle sticks

    Just finished a bathroom and had some old 22mm pipe left - painted and greed - think I,m going to call it bog chic, bases off cuts and turned laburnum, and the flat ones yew, these feel really good when sanded with 500 grit all finished with a little clear polish. Hope these turn out as had...
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    finding fine 6" sanding discs

    Can anybody point me the way to buy some Hermes or similar Velcro sanding discs/pads - needed for my 6" (150mm) 6 hole Bosch orbital sander used for wood.. I have plenty of 80 - 180 grit but finding it hard to source the finer 6 hole or multi hole 320 -500. My attempts so far end up in the...
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    Replacement belt sander

    Just melted part of my Performance 750w sander (available for spares if anyone wants it - FMTC750BS). So thinking about upgrading to 4" makita type not dewalts as the dust port is on top and my sander spends most of its time mounted upside down or sideways not the best to adapt. So any comments...
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    Milling with a wood lathe

    Just bought a mitre gauge for my startrite benchsaw from ebay Yes was cheap £24 but sturdy enough to turn out angles once sorted ! - Yep cheap, it is too thick and needs 1/8th planing / milling off the bottom to make it fit level with the iron top - do you think feeding it through my union...
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    Buying Flying Dutchman blades !

    I want to buy quality blades having read different forums Flying Dutchman blades seems the way to go : - now Mikesworkshop gets rave reviews but orders seem big - 1 gross (12 dozen) 1/2 (6 dozen) next Lesleys again all are American web sites, 1. Do you experienced buyers buy from US web...
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    Marbling finish for wood

    Just been to the Harrogate show and was really impressed with the marbelling finish by one of the exhibitors. So off to the shops bought some acrylic paints - filled a container with water; next tried to float the slightly watered down paint on the surface ! and of course it sank ! - don't...
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    NV switch needed !!

    Just been in the man cave and my saws thrown a wobbly - rexon variable speed. when I press the green on button it starts but stops once the button is released. It did have a slight delay prior to starting up before; So I suspect the NV switch (KJD20-2) anybody had similar problem ! any other...