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    Onetel / Talk Talk internet support

    Would you believe that Talk Talk say they offer a 24/7 service? The call centre is open those hours but the main technical support is only open from Monday to Friday 8am to 8PM if you are lucky. They took a number of people down on their fast broadband on Friday and we are still not up and they...
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    Router Table completed at last

    David just PM me when you want help. I still have no internet -Onetel/Talk Talk did not have any technical support (not call centre) in over the weekend or Christmas/Boxing day. Barry
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    Where to buy flex hose and reducers?

    I tend to use both purchased reducers and made ones. It is easy to do with PVC piping and a heat gun - mould the shapes you want. Barry
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    Lasers on power tools

    Mine works well on the blade arbor.Shows the left hand side of the kerf Barry
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    Two days to go

    Jason you must have had a major cleanout to get your spindle moulder in??. Hope it does not make a racket. I found that the lights dim when I switch on the 3HP on the 16amp circuit Barry
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    Router table size

    Tiler I found the 600mm a little narrow when I was trenching and desided on 700mm by 1220 to be able to get it out of a 8X4 sheet. I allowed the fences to work in both directions. Barry
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    Building a CNC controlled router

    Thanks Jason my internet has been down since Friday and still down so no work done on the CNC stuff Barry
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    Router Table completed at last

    David No I just designed it as I went. Sorry for the time to reply - my internet has been down since Friday night - Still down at Internet Cafe Barry
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    Building a CNC controlled router

    Thanks guys I have got lots more reading to do now Barry
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    Building a CNC controlled router

    Thanks Scrit I will have to reconsider over my Christmas turkey. I am running out of ideas for things to do for myself in the workshop and don't want to add to my 4PC 7Screen network in my office. Barry
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    Building a CNC controlled router

    No you gave me the book name - I was just letting you know it was cheaper. Thanks again Barry
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    Jason see if this Ausie site will help - its all the stair calculation with pictures http://www.blocklayer.com/Stairs/ Your brain should be able to cope with this barry
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    Spindle moulder

    JFC is the Legacy making room for the spindle moulder?? HA Ha Barry
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    Building a CNC controlled router

    Ian thanks for the details. Do you know of anybody with a home made CNC router verses a CNC millng machine? Thanks Barry
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    Building a CNC controlled router

    Tiler the Amazon version of the book is much cheaper url here
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    Building a CNC controlled router

    Kong has removed his pictures and does not appeared to have posted since. Barry
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    Router Table completed at last

    Gary - I used tha tempered MDF and will coat it if it is needed -Scrit has given me the name of stuff to use. This is the mark one protype and the final version will be in phenolic if it does all I expect. George yes the T track can get clogged if I am trenching Lynx The track on the lower...
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    Adams Workshop Build Thread.... got walls & a roof!!!

    Adam did you fall on your sword and move the build to PROJECTS or was it the midland effect?? Barry
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    Building a CNC controlled router

    I have seen many threads on the American and Australian sites but nothing on this site. My question is if any member has built a CNC router?? I am thinking of building one with a bed of about 2000 X1000mm. I want to see one in operation if possible? A number of the constructors have built a...
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    Router Table completed at last

    I started out with a Triton router table but was unable to control the dust I decided to build my own but I did not want to lose any of the features that I had with my Triton. I looked at Norm's table but it did not give me the 460mm depth that I had. A visit to Philly's further...