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    Finishing walnut

    Hi all, I'm still really new to woodworking and I'm planning to make something out of walnut for the first time. It's just a small memory box, so only occasional indoor use, but I'm finding a lot of conflicting information online about the finishing process. Does anybody have any tips? Some...
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    Broken lock on standard UPVC door

    Hoping somebody can come to the rescue here. We have a standard UPVC door at the house with one of those life up handle doo-hickys that control the locking mechanism. In recent days it had become really really stiff when trying to open it after locking and we've had to really force it...
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    Beginner router advice

    Thanks so much everyone, really appreciate all the advice and offers to help. In Winsford Ian, I'd gladly come to you at some point if it's a bit far out of your way for a bit of tutorage! Or Chris, Ilkley is about a 2 hour drive but I may take you up on that at some point in the future :)
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    Beginner router advice

    That helps massively :lol: I'd assumed by default it was a maximum! Thanks very much
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    Beginner router advice

    I've just took delivery of my first router (just starting out in woodworking) and am a little confused when it comes to setting the depth. The bits I got have a little line on their shafts, which I'm assuming is a 'dont insert deeper into collet than this' line, however the manual that came...
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    Electric planer

    So Richard Potters have advised they're happy to mill the pine for me if I want them too, but it's likely to start curling up immediately. Am I missing something here with being a newbie?? Is 7mm far too thin to be working with?
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    Electric planer

    Thanks a lot for the suggestions! Richard Potter in Nantwich looks like a good find, they're fairly local as well so I'll get in touch. No hinges, just friction fit! No doubt I'll run into some problems along the way, so I might be back asking for help soon :lol:
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    Favorite YouTube woodworker

    There's a few guys over the pond that I really like: I Like to Make Stuff - Guy named Bob, more of general makers channel, but he does some really cool woodworking projects sometimes mixed in with general DIY and other 'maker' videos. Really does a bit of everything! WWMM (Woodworking for Mere...
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    Electric planer

    Cheshire in the North West - I do have a couple ideas of people nearby I could ask, but it'll definitely be worth finding a decent supplier in the long run so I don't have to do this every time! Just a little jewellery box for the missus! Nothing too fancy, but it'll be the first time I've put...
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    Electric planer

    Not much at all, it's only a small project. I just need 3 individual 1m boards: 1: 9mm x 80mm 2: 7mm x 50mm 3: 7mm x 115mm Hoping not to combine the 2 7mm boards because I'm looking at contrasting woods, but it wouldn't be the end of the world if I did combine them into 1 piece say 170mm wide...
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    Electric planer

    I'm planning my first ever project currently and was hoping to get some pretty specific sized timber to make it with. Unfortunately there don't seem to be any suppliers near me who can mill to a specific dimension, and I'm stuck with buying pre-specified thicknesses. I don't have a...
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    Advice for a newbie - Parting box lid without tablesaw

    Hi everyone, I'm a complete novice when it comes to woodworking, and am planning my first little project to get started. I'm going to put together a simple little jewellery box for my partner, but the video/plans I have seen which have helped inspire the design suggest parting the lid from the...