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    Flat Screen TV Support

    I am looking for a supplier of a TV support. I am making a low level entertainment cabinet, and rising from the cabinet a TV screen support to give the illusion of floating above and wire concealment. Can anyone help please? Regards.
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    How to avoid breakout?

    I have to make some fencing, and need to put a rounded top on the uprights. I have a template and was going to do the job on a spindle moulder. Can anyone please advise how I can avoid breakout? This pictureshows what I have to do. Thanks
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    Screwfix Trade Counters

    Screwfix are opening a trade counter nearby next week. Sometimes postal deliveries are inconvenient, and I am thinking about using the trade counter. How do others find these outlets? Do they maintain their stocks? Are they catalogue prices? etc. Thanks
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    Brass Screw Cup Washers

    Can anyone please point me in the direction of some solid brass screw cup washers, as opposed to plated ones?
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    I normally rub down between coats of finishing oil with 0000 wirewool, but I have heard that on oak, this could cause a problem in the event of any wirewool dust left in the grain. What other product could be used instead? Thanks
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    Pay As You Go

    For all those car owners....This is real!!!! Sarah Kennedy was on about this proposed car tax scheme on the radio. Apparently there is only one month left to register your objection to the 'Pay as you go' road tax. The petition is on the 10 Downing St website but they didn't tell anybody...
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    On site tooling

    I am planning an on-site job for the summer, and would like to kit out with moveable/portable table saw, planner and thicknesser. Timber will be hardwood and will not be over 8" in width. What should I be looking at?
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    Wood finishes and boats

    I have been asked to produce some cupboard doors and face frames in cherry for a narrowboat refit. The construction will be raised panels in counter profile frames. The customer likes a three coat finish of Liberon Finishing oil. Being a narrowboat, I don't have to contend with salt water...
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    Road Pricing

    Do you agree with tracking of all vehicles and road pricing? If not sign the petition! http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/traveltax/
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    Cable Length

    I am planning to move my workshop, so that I can enlarge it slightly. The power supply is from my house, and is steel amour cable with a run of about 10 metres. I would need to extend the cable by anouther 15 metres to reach the new location. Is there any drop in supply issues that I need to...
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    Sanding Solution

    I have been looking at a sanding solution and wanted to get something more mechanised than a belt and orbital sander. I have been looking at one of these But have heard that there are sometimes difficulties with panel feed and slipage on the feed belt. I have seen this although I don't...
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    TV and FM in the Kitchen

    I would like to bracket mount a 18" to 20" LCD TV in the kitchen. It should be an analogue TV with digital tuner also for future proofing, and FM radio. I am struggling to find one. Plenty of kitchen flip down ones, but nothing with a decent screen size. Has anyone any pointers please?
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    Edge Clamping

    I am needing edge clamps for applying face frames to MFC cabinets. I saw these and looking for information as to how well they work. I have tried some others, and found that they slip on the MFC sides. Thanks
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    Festool Prices

    I am about to make my first Festool purchase (The Domino) having always been a Dewalt person. Doing a circuit of suppliers, there doesn't seem to be any variation in prices (all RRP). Is this normal, or just because the tool I'm looking at is new?
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    Loose tonge M&T

    I am thinking of trying loose tonge M&T for a coffee table (Similar to the Trend Beadlock Joint). Is the joint as strong as a normal M&T joint? The joint will be in hardwood.
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    FOR SALE Record RPM 75 Mortiser

    I have an as new Record RPM 75 for sale. The machine has been used very little only 3 or 4 times. It comes with three chisels (2 unused). Available near Ipswich, Suffolk. Offers please!
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    Firefox and Images

    I use ocassionally a computer with Firefox for browsing, but I am having problems with displaying images from the forum. Is there a setting I am missing for images to display from external sites. Thanks.
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    Another workshop query!

    I am going to do some workshop modifications. The final dimensions will be 6mx4m with a pitched roof. The external skin will be 15mm (finished size) planned shiplap with an internal skin of 12mm Ply. I was going to use 75x50mm studding, but it is not pressure treated as standard for...
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    Raised Panels

    I am constructing kitchen cabinet doors in American White Oak, and have bought a set of panel raisers for the spindle moulder. The rails/styles are 20mm thick with a 5mm groove to hold the panel. I was going to raise the panels out of 15mm thick stock so that the back face of the panel is...
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    Screws and Oak

    I know it is always advised to use brass screws in oak and not ordinary steel, but does that include stainless steel?