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    For Sale Newcomer Turners Starter Tools

    Set of three, unbranded 1 x Spindle Roughing Gouge 1 x Beading/Parting Tool 1 x Diamond-shaped Scraper £20; will post at buyer's cost Set of five Faithfull Tools 1 x Spindle Roughing Gouge £15 1 x Spindle Gouge £15 1 x Diamond-shaped Scraper £15 1 x Beading/Parting tool £15 1 x Round-nose...
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    New Router Plane

    Are you still using it or has it become a fancy/expensive ornament? Did you get clobbered with import tax and handling fees?
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    Plane Irons and ProEdge

    I freely admit to being rubbish at sharpening and can at least get something usable off a ProEdge but yes, I was concerned about the belt being narrower than the blade. I know Tormek and their imitators offer jigs designed for the purpose but cannot see one for a ProEdge - maybe hidden along with...
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    Plane Irons and ProEdge

    Link? As noted above, a search on their site as well as youtube and google produced loads on turning tools, chisels and even an axe but none for a plane iron so if you have spotted one that neither I nor the search engines could see then I'd be grateful if you could share it with me.
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    Plane Irons and ProEdge

    Not remotely interested in sparking a debate on which method is best, I just want to know if anyone uses a Sorby ProEdge to sharpen plane irons? I can find videos galore for sharpening turning tools, not so many for regular chisels and no mention at all of plane irons which, I feel, could be...
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    Oil Cloth

    Like this? Or this?
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    For Sale Dewalt DE7400 Folding Wheeled Saw Stand for DW745 and similar

    In very good condition being less than a year old and having never seen a work site although workshop does frequently resemble a bomb site. Not shown as they're still attached to the saw but it does come complete with the genuine Dewalt brackets. Collection from TS28, looking for £90.
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    Oil Cloth

    Ah, ubiquitous linseed, should have thought about that. I too thought the Web would have the answer but nothing sounded quite right.
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    Oil Cloth

    Talking about two different things. Linoleum, as per link, was a form of vinyl flooring, supplied by the roll rather than in tile form. It was a brand name, like Hoover, often used to include similar products and no, it wasn't meant to be wet unless something was spilled on it. And NOT what I...
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    Oil Cloth Billy Connolly spoke of how the Scottish town of Kirkcaldy came to be known as "WTF is that smell?" as the pungent aroma from production of 'lino' was the first thing to hit visitors arriving off the train. Kirkcaldy was the world's largest producer of the...
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    Oil Cloth

    Isn't linoleum vinyl flooring?
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    best budget friendly palm router

    I had a Katsu for AGES afore actually trying it out; it was brilliant, especially for its size. I used it with an improvised radius jig to cut perfect circles and it worked a treat. Only 'issue' was having to keep moving the mains cable out of the way and I suppose I could have addressed that...
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    Sold Axminster TS250 table saw plus extras for sale

    Might be an idea to amend the green tab top left accordingly.
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    Sold Jet JWL1221VS Lathe

    This is still available and although already at a bargain price I am open to sensible offers as I need the space it is currently occupying
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    Oil Cloth

    Yes, I have a humidity issue in my workshop too and I've been doing the same with machinery but it was the recent purchase of some planes that made me think of oil cloths. One plane came in a polythene bag which appeared to have had oil squirted inside, which seems a common practice. The other...
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    Oil Cloth

    I know in bygone days, any thing from agricultural tools to arms and weapons would be stored wrapped in oil cloth to keep the items in good, presumably rust-free condition. Anyone still using oil cloth to protect their hand tools, e,g planes, chisels, gouges etc? Better still, anyone making...
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    Small shop dust collection system

    Pleasure. I had a cyclone unit fitted to a feed barrel between hub and vac, one blast gat hooked up to a 38mm hose to connect to powertools, e.g. sander, router. etc, another to a 63mm hose then the through one connected to pipes with blast gates controlling extraction from table saw, mitre saw...
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    Any advice welcome

    No problem, which is also what I hope you have with your Charnwood.