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  1. Jesmona

    Workshop Build - 5m x 3m

    Keep up the progress mate, good to watch and read along
  2. Jesmona

    What should the kids get me for Christmas?

    Agreed I lost several, I should have clarified I have the Isotunes lite that have a wire as above so you don’t lose them 👍
  3. Jesmona

    What should the kids get me for Christmas?

    +1 for the Isotunes. Great sound quality and your ears will thank you in your 70’s
  4. Jesmona

    Workshop Build - 5m x 3m

    Keep it up mate, I am still plodding away at my garage conversion. 5 x 3 is a great size space 👍
  5. Jesmona

    Dining table WIP

    Looks great 👍
  6. Jesmona

    18v tool brand choice

    Powerstack batteries are actually smaller and lighter, I’ve found them superb on drills
  7. Jesmona

    New House, New Workshop Build.

    I’m in awe and I must confess, envious of your build my friend. I hope it continues on a trouble free road. Taking photos to remind yourself of the journey is a good idea. All the best 👍
  8. Jesmona

    Another scam?

    If only it wasn’t a scam site, imagine the profit you could make buying and reselling
  9. Jesmona

    18v tool brand choice

    Another vote from DeWalt from me and the new Powerstack batteries offer more power at a lower weight. Have replaced a 5Ah unit with a 3Ah Powerstack on an SDS drill with no appreciable loss of oomph or run time
  10. Jesmona

    Garage conversion to workshop (long road)

    And so finally I was able to set to with the garage conversion. For speed and cost I decided on 2” x 3” C16 joists for the walls and frame and C24 for the flooring. Frame fixed to the bricks and concrete. Fortunately whoever built the garage originally had the foresight to install a DPM under...
  11. Jesmona

    Garage conversion to workshop (long road)

    Next step was decluttering the garage from boring but necessary gardening tools and 6 year old tins of solid paint… Mostly moved to the new shed as below
  12. Jesmona

    Garage conversion to workshop (long road)

    So as you can clearly see, neither garage nor conversion. However in order to satisfy the CFO thus enabling the garage conversion, certain obligations had to first be met. Don’t hate on the kit form pergola, it was almost cheaper than just the felt 👍😂
  13. Jesmona

    Suggestions for small present DIY purchases

    Pica Deep Hole marking kit from any good online retailer?
  14. Jesmona

    Armoured cable supplier?

    I use the company below, online subsidiary of Cleveland cables. Pricing is normally very keen[]=10mm²&cores[]=3
  15. Jesmona

    Fixings for stud wall to concrete floor and blocks?

    I’d agree with Bingyman above but add that if the concrete is sound, I’ve had a lot of success with these...
  16. Jesmona

    Bosch GCM 12 GDL Axial-Glide Mitre Saw

    It’s currently on offer as part of Prime Days on Amazon. Just need to convince Mrs Jesmona that we “need” it..
  17. Jesmona

    Hello. I am a new member.

    Hello 👋 and welcome, still very new her myself, but, the folks here seem 👍
  18. Jesmona

    Pre fab workshop

    Good heavens, they’re a touch pricey….
  19. Jesmona

    Tiny 8 x 6 workshop

    Enjoy your space mate 👍
  20. Jesmona

    1/4 Trend router bit set at almost half price

    Thanks for that, have ordered some today 👍