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    Getting rid of sawdust

    Two thoughts: 1 A friend of mine makes his own smoked salmon and has an arrangement with a local cabinet maker that he takes oak sawdust and then swaps it for smoked salmon 2 Don't overlook eBay. I've also sold all manner of leftovers e.g. sand, cement, stakes. Best thing is that I've been...
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    Best humidifier for unheated garage workshop

    I'd be keeping tools in a ventilated cupboard and putting one of these in: 45w 1ft Energy Saving Tubular Heater - IP55
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    Best humidifier for unheated garage workshop

    Might a little background heat be better than using a dehumidifier?
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    Wardrobe door doesn't close fully

    Thanks @Essex Barn Workshop - it uses the @petermillard method of construction of rail and stile, and is screwed to the wardrobe boxes from the inside. I'm not completely comfortable with the alignment of the panels though as I'd like them to be closer to the alignment of the door panels. The...
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    Wardrobe door doesn't close fully

    You were spot on @petermillard - the middle door was too close to the hinges. Your fix has worked perfectly. Thank you.
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    Wardrobe door doesn't close fully

    Here's a photo of a wardrobe I've built. Doors are rail and stile construction, and I've used Blum inset hinges. The left hand wardrobe door closed too far and I've remedied this by putting a stop block in the centre of the pair of doors. I have the opposite problem with the middle wardrobe door...
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    Fault diagnosis on a Trend T11e Router

    Thanks all for your help. New brushes fitted. Router re-assembled, and it all works fine. :occasion5:
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    Fault diagnosis on a Trend T11e Router

    Thanks all. I’ve rechecked the mains cable and it seems OK. I’ve ordered a new set of brushes from Trend.
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    Fault diagnosis on a Trend T11e Router

    My router has decided to work only intermittently. I’ve opened the case, and have checked continuity on the switch, the cable and the fuse. All seems fine. I’ve taken the speed control board out and there’s 3 terminals. Should I be able to find any continuity between any 2 of these 3 terminals?
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    Sagging drawer unit made from MDF

    Difficult to see from the photos but is the central section or the shelf tied to the wall?
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    Trend staff and bead set

    Is this still available?
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    Axminster "precision" combination set square - total joke

    I have one of these. Excellent quality, so far.....