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  1. Rich_N

    Router Table Dust Extraction

    Does anyone know if there are any alternative retailers for something like this? The under table dust extraction box. This one hasn't been in stock at Axminster for months now and it looks like it'll be another 12...
  2. Rich_N

    Bandsaw Box Plans

    Does anyone have any links to Bandsaw Box plans? I've bought a couple of books and made quite a few of the boxes. But I want to make more. I've been searching the web but plans don't seem that readily available. And before anyone suggests drawing my own plans - I absolutely suck at drawing...
  3. Rich_N

    Triton 1100 w planer thicknesser

    Robbo, I know this is an old thread, but do you have any images of your chute? I have the TPT125 and I now have a HVLP dust system so I want to fit a 100mm port. Cheers, Rich
  4. Rich_N

    Planer / Thicknesser recommendations

    Tom, I just watched your video and it's inspired me to get one of those planers. Looking at the video, it appears you have a similar space to me - a single car garage. How have you managed to get a full size planer in there?
  5. Rich_N

    Dust Extraction Question

    I've found, in my limited time woodworking, that there are several like that. I had major issues with Triton. I had two duff MOF001 routers and two bowed router table modules for the TWX7 table. The router issue was resolved and I'm on my 3rd which seems to be working. But the Router Table...
  6. Rich_N

    Dust Extraction Question

    Any update? What is up with the QC?
  7. Rich_N

    Trend CRT Mk 3 Router Table and Which Trend Router

    Trend T11 is my recommendation. I have the WRT table with the T11.
  8. Rich_N

    Dust Extraction Question

    The reason I was thinking cyclone was to keep the HEPA bag as clear of dust as possible and to make emptying the drum easier. I only switched to the 100mm port last weekend and today got covered in dust, as did the floor, taking the top off and the filters out. I want to avoid that as much as...
  9. Rich_N

    Dust Extraction Question

    Peter Parfit is happy with his on the NVD750 though he does say it reduces suction somewhat. I saw his video after posting this. I really need to come up with an idea for a cyclone setup. One that won't break the bank, I've just spent loads on an Axminster AC254 table saw, and it needs to keep...
  10. Rich_N

    Dust Extraction Question

    Excellent - I will await your review with baited breath!
  11. Rich_N

    Dust Extraction Question

    Hi Folks, Has anyone used the Axminster Cyclone head with a HPLV dust extractor? If so, what did you use for the bucket/container? Axminster say it's not suitable for the NVD 750 dust extractor which is 2 x 1200w motors and a flow rate of 5000ltr/m. This is model extractor I have. I've bought...
  12. Rich_N

    Caution - Banggood delivery charge

    I looked at this last week after watching an episode of China Tools on the Hooked On Wood YouTube channel. The mitre gauge alone can be shipped from the UK hence the free delivery. The combination of the two are shipped from China and the weight is why they add an inflated delivery charge...
  13. Rich_N

    Triton TPT125 replacement Blades

    Im not, I am wondering where to get new blades from when these die a thousand deaths. Ive heard the TPT125 has now been discontinued so Triton might stop selling blades!
  14. Rich_N

    Triton TPT125 replacement Blades

    Can anyone recommend a better blade than the Triton ones for this thicknesser? Thanks, Rich
  15. Rich_N

    Bandsaw Blades

    Hi folks, I'm taking delivery of my first bandsaw tomorrow and from all I've read the stock blade will not be very good. Any advice regarding blades will be appreciated. I don't plan on doing much in the way of re-sawing yet, though that will be a thing in the future. I initial plan on cutting...
  16. Rich_N

    Birch Plywood for Furniture - Online Retailers

    Ive found the prices for Birch Ply delivery to be exorbitant. How a company can charge £125.00 for delivery when Wickes can do it for £12.00 is beyond me. I was quoted over £100 for delivery of a 600mm x 1500mm sheet of black MDF. Utterly astonishing the prices people charge. Its almost as if...
  17. Rich_N

    Dust Hose Adapter Festool TS55

    The solution I've found is actually a dewalt one. I had purchased the DeWalt Airlock adapter kit a while back as most of my hand tools and mitre saw are DeWalt. One of the parts in the kit is a stepped rubber adapter which I use with vacuum attachments for doing the floor and bench. But, its a...
  18. Rich_N

    Dust Hose Adapter Festool TS55

    Evening folks, Ive just upgraded to a Festool Track Saw. I have an Axminster NVD750 dust extractor which as a hose with an inside diameter of 32mm and I think an outside diameter of 39mm. I need to get an adapter to connect the hose to the dust port on the saw. Will this allow my hose to...
  19. Rich_N

    Maths Question!!!

    Yeah, agreed. And a distinct lack of knowledge to accompany the extra