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  1. J

    Cottage back door for the M-I-L

    Sounds like a great opportunity to buy some nice new tools and bill her for them. Dear MIL, I’m very flattered by this and would be happy to do this, but I have never done anything at this size before and so need to buy some tools just for this one job, it might therefore work out cheaper to...
  2. J

    overseas delivery.

    That’s quick, certainly helps given the shortages of LN products in the UK at the moment. Were you stung much by postage and taxes?
  3. J

    Leigh jig assembly guide/wrench

    Asking for a friend who isn’t on this forum, yeah I know! does anyone have an assembly guide/wrench and can let me know the sizes for it? They just bought a d4 and it didn’t come with this and whilst they can order a replacement part, it’ll take 6 weeks to arrive and so they’d like to use it...
  4. J

    Building first bench - The English Woodworker

    Thanks for all the comments and support, cut down the board and have clamped it up. Will be off for a weeks holiday, but hope to get cracking when I get back. Once last comment do people drill pilot holes for the nails? Sure I've seen Chris Schwarz mention it somewhere, and he suggested using...
  5. J

    Yet another english style workbench build

    Thanks all, especially to SteL whose thread it was. I doubt mine will be as detailed but the links to the same bench build, but by a different pair of hands is here.
  6. J

    Building first bench - The English Woodworker

    So following on from SteL's thread on his English style workbench (HERE), I have decided to create my own thread, it probably won't be as detailed or as many pictures, but I will see what I can do. This will again follow Richard Maguire's The English Woodworker design (HERE). I decided to make...
  7. J

    Yet another english style workbench build

    I'm just about to embark on building this exact same bench, and already have a few questions. Since I'm new to the forum I'm curious about etiquette. Can I just continue this thread with a second build or should I create my own?