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    Turmeric is it any good for aching joints

    Turmeric is good, also try ginger? But the main one to try is MSM - there's nothing finer, my dad was just about in a wheel chair with bad arthritis, a couple of weeks on MSM and he was back on his feet . Wonder medicine. Me and my whole family take it every day...
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    Sold Axminster HARDWOOD Woodwork Bench - TWIN VICE

    For sale Axminster full size woodworking bench Quality European beech, , very heavy at 44KG .. solid ! two vices and double row of dog holes. As new condition, opened but never assembled. Box is tatty from being stored away for a few years. These cost £399 new so grab a bargain at £280...
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    Post a picture of a paring knife

    Metal handled house wife rubbish
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    Bosch GKF600 base bolts

    Screws arrived today, M4 is correct
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    Amazon moisture meters

    Yes should be fine if you're not too fussy
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    Bosch GKF600 base bolts

    Thank you specitric
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    Screwfix, what an utter pain in the proverbial

    I almost always have the item numbers ready 😃
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    Bosch GKF600 base bolts

    Thank you very much
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    Bosch GKF600 base bolts

    I'm going to try both m3 and M4 we'll see how it goes, thank you for your help
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    Bosch GKF600 base bolts

    Problem solved. Plug socket screws are m3.5, they fit but are a bit loose so m4 should be perfect. Ordered and on the way
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    Bosch GKF600 base bolts

    Hi does anyone know the correct size bolts for the base of a Bosch GKF 600 (colt in the US) palm router I can't find anything about it online I think they're m3.5/15mm but I want to know for sure Underlined in the first pic, part number 855/21 in the diagram Thank you
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    Post a picture of a paring knife

    My dad was is an apprentice trained chef this is his favourite parer K Sabatier, hand forged in Thiers France by (apparently) the original Sabatier not a copy
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    mobility scooters

    I'd move it on a pallet £75.
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    Joke Thread II

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    What wood in this video

    I knew you lads would be able to figure it out
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    What wood in this video

    Got me too
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    Where did all the water go?!?

    Something something something global warming
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    What wood in this video

    Sorry in advance it's a Facebook video ! I saw this amazing red, incredibly tough bouncy wood on a video I wondered if anyone can identify it?