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  1. superunknown

    Router recommendations

    The Triton routers are fantastic for the price, perfect for router tables. Also you can't go wrong with any of the Festool's
  2. superunknown

    Free Downloadable Woodworking Books, Plans & Ref. Sites

    My bench plans are free for anybody interested...
  3. superunknown

    Triton Masters of Wood Competition

    What a lovely design and plans the winning entry submitted, no wonder they won!
  4. superunknown

    Doors painted at last!

    Lovely job!
  5. superunknown

    what to finish outside oak door with

    Another +1 for the Osmo!
  6. superunknown

    I have joined the jet set!

    You will love it and wonder how you ever managed without it. It will pay you back in no time! I just got the DF700 to go with my 500 and that's also amazing!
  7. superunknown

    DOL Starter wiring

    This is how I wired mine up a few years back...
  8. superunknown

    Veneer Edging Tool

    I also use the same Virutex trimmer. Very good little tool. It's super fast too! Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 2
  9. superunknown

    Lacewood & Brown Oak Hall Table

  10. superunknown

    Media unit (Fitted)

    Looks very smart!
  11. superunknown

    Personal website

    That's one of the things Wordress does really well, there are some fantastic plug-ins for this. I got my site up to a page rank 2 quite quickly with a little bit of work and some understanding of SEO. It's worth taking the time and reading up on SEO. (Search engine optimisation)
  12. superunknown

    MDF Edges

    I have recently completed study and bedroom furniture. Everything is made from MR.MDF. It's far superior to the standard MDF. (Mentioned in many threads on here) All my cut edges were sanded one time and then 2 primer coats applied (water based - Aquabuild) Sanded when dry with 240 then 2...
  13. superunknown

    Chrome AdBlocker

    Been using it for years, yes it's awesome! :-)
  14. superunknown

    Cherry Coffee table

    Maybe half lap the X sections or use a standard mortice and tenon. The same with the stretcher. With the domino I was able to set out the tenons (2 on each joint) so that the stretcher tenons didn't come in the same place, therefore creating a weaker joint. So possibly the best alternative...
  15. superunknown

    Cherry Coffee table

    The fantastic Festool Domino! :-)
  16. superunknown

    Cherry Coffee table

    A nice delicate coffee table completed and delivered Friday. Stained cherry finished with Osmo Polyx. 6mm toughened glass with polished edges.
  17. superunknown

    What are these square 'codes' for?

    Love QR codes! They work a treat! <<<<---------------------------------------- I have a bunch of these made up in little stickers. I put them on my power tools for security as a way of ID. I have some 10% off codes (can I offer this ok?) if anybody would like some. A book of 90 is around...
  18. superunknown

    Multi panel kitchen

    Fantastic as always, your work always looks so neat and precise. like!
  19. superunknown

    More softwood

  20. superunknown

    Study area