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    Bosch PBD 40 - not showing depth

    The machine doesn't 'care' if you are plunging into material or not. The depth gauge on display changes as you move the drill downward. However, as one other member mentioned, the locking lever needs to be engaged first for the depth to start measuring the plunge.
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    Bosch PBD 40 - not showing depth

    Heya. Absolutely,must be faulty. I've used mine for two years with great accuracy. It's down to the 0.1mm. Is yours still under warranty? You should have it looked at. I'm gutted that mine became faulty recently out of warranty
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    Bosch PBD 40 - not showing depth

    This is an old chat but as someone who uses this drill for a very long time sounds to me your depth gauge rod at the back top of the drill is locked (with the second red liver) and doens't allow you to plunge. Once you release it it will allow you to drill and you should see the digital display...
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    Bosche PBD-40 digital bench drill

    Hi there, the digital depth gauge on my bench drill stopped working. It's stuck on '00mm'. I have used it for 2 years without an issue and superb accuracy but then suddenly stopped. I've done the laser adjustment before following YouTube tutorials and was fairly easy to do. But can't find...