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    Spindle moulder tooling

    Well guys IV just read all the comments some very good ideas and thoughts this needs food for thought here. You didn't scare me off Triton just so much to take in and digest. So obviously 4" was the extreme and some very good thoughts made. So thoughts for tooling for a 3" tenon or so u think...
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    Spindle moulder tooling

    Hi Folks Iv got a charnwood w40 spindle molder ,my question is if i want to cut a tenon up to 4" deep what tooling should i get eg a tenon disc or groover i have seen a disc that the tenon goes over the top of of the disc but i dont know whats its called i wil be for making gates doors etc...
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    Axminster thickness and planner trade machine

    I've got an Axminster trade thickness and planer with blades not spiral cutters. All of a sudden when you put a piece of wood through the thicknesser the rollers grab the piece of wood and guide it through to the other side. Now it goes so far through and then stops on the second roller and you...