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    Clarke CWL 12D, wiring problem...

    It's ok, sorted it out.
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    Rechucking wobble

    I have a Clarke CWL 12D, and have had pretty much the same problem when turning pieces end for end. Rough blank, made cylindrical, o.k. Tenon in tail stock end, o.k. Swap the tail stock end for the chuck held end - part does not run true. About 1/8" variation from the tool rest to the piece...
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    How many active turners remain in UKWorkshop ?

    Hi all, been on a break from this website, not sure why... Oh, yeah I do. Short term memory loss diagnosed by the doctors... Still turning, but re-learning it all over again. Got some new tools, looking forward to getting the lathe back up and running...
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    Clarke CWL 12D, wiring problem...

    Hi all, I've stupidly disconnected the wiring from the switch block. Thought I'd take decent photos, but it appears not.🙄 Can anyone post pics of where the wires go / in which pin position please? Much appreciated, thank you.
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    New Yankee Workshop...

    Not sure if this is new news, or just relating old news:- Breaking News: After twenty-one successful seasons on PBS, The New Yankee Workshop will not be producing new episodes. Host Norm Abram will continue his work on the PBS series This Old House. "We've had a great run, built challenging...
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    wizer makes front page of magazine!

    Bit ironic isn't it? "How to stop your fingers being eaten by the router"... Do they know you that well Wizer? LOL
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    spot of inspiration needed please

    Cheers tja!
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    spot of inspiration needed please

    :?: What's a torsion box? :oops:
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    B&Q Electric hand planer - Blades

    I have had a similar problem getting blades for the B&Q Red Eye (or something similar) "own brand" only to find B&Q don;t supply it anymore, and the manufacturer doesn't make it... :roll: So I tried buying a better model off the 'net, only to fing the blades I got from eBay (for the new...
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    Newbee - 1st Sketchup Design for firewood log store

    I've found this to be a problem too :cry: moving old green house cover off SOON!
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    About time...

    A few years back, you couldn't unglue me from the telly (As I said "A few years back"...) These days, like tonight - a Bank Holiday Monday - when there used to be a couple of good films to choose from, I'm on the computer (obviously), and SWMBO is sewing on the machine (Women should never have...
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    Compost bin

    Woodbloke - I remember Porridge, but I don't get the link to weeing in the compost bin? Did I mis something? :oops: Must admit, have wee-ed in mine a few times. My mum (all of 4'11") said she'd need a step... :roll:
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    Bank holiday weekend project

    StevieB - looks like quite a good job you've done already sir. Congrats - just one question... How have you fixed the uprights on your boundary wall? Only asking cos I need to tie some into a new wall being built by my neighbours brother (When his workshop's finished :evil: ) Wondering if there...
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    Wood thingy show in Leicestershire

    Well, I went... Did anyone else go? Spent up, but stil carrie don walking round. Well worth the effort - the Axe men were hilarious! Got in about 10.07 a.m. and left after closing time... :oops: I really must get an alarm set for this type of day out. Really enjoyed walking round trying my...
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    Newbee - 1st Sketchup Design for firewood log store

    Fair comment, and no probs Matt! Although if you stack your wood properly... it shouldn't lean :roll: It will of course stop rain getting on that end + speed up the drying process... :).
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    Newbee - 1st Sketchup Design for firewood log store

    Hi Sawdustmaker - looks good to me - are you having it against a wall? If so, I'd do away with the back cladding. Also - have supports at the ends (short horizontals) to stick uprights against where your logs are too short to be supported by the main frame...(Guess who found out the hard way?)...
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    A strange sense of satisfaction

    Fogggytown - I know what you mean, also second Joiner's comment though! A feeling of a job well done, by yourself, without relying on outside supplies / support etc makes (me) feel a man... That doesn't sound like I should post it on a family friendly forum, but I feel I've completed it, and...
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    Wood thingy show in Leicestershire

    I'm going, found out yesterday that I was "allowed" a day off... Having been nice and let SWMBO have a lie in and a car boot trawl this morning on her own! So, to recognise me - you should look for a guy in a leather hat and chainmail waistcoat... You'll spot it, and go "WTF is he wearing that...
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    My new fish pond

    Are they part salmon? Is there any chance of putting soft netting up / over?
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    Three men were hiking through a forest when they came upon a large raging, violent river. Needing to get to the other side, the first man prayed : 'God, please give me the strength to cross the river.' Poof! ..... God gave him big arms and strong legs and he was able to swim across in about 2...