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  2. Noggsy

    Help in identifying a species of timber

    Sapele and yew get my vote.
  3. Noggsy

    2020 Secret Santa ......and we're off!

    Some absolutely stunning gifts on view again! Next year might be the year I dare to get involved.
  4. Noggsy

    Game Changing Tools

    David, I don’t think that is contentious. Not to me at least. Buying a well-made tool of any kind has definitely moved me on. For me, it was buying the Quangsheng number 7 plane. It was expensive (for me, at that time) and it was the first new plane I’d bought. Years later it is still a tool I...
  5. Noggsy

    Christmas present

    You don’t specify a price, but there are lots of good quality sets here; Chisel Sets I’ve got this set; Kirschen 1181 4 Piece Bevel Edge Chisel Set ...and I like them very much. I’ve also got a couple of sets of the Aldi/Lidl chisels, which take a great edge. In fact, I bought a set last year...
  6. Noggsy

    Now is the time to buy 150 mm metric Starrett Combination Square

    Question: what is the second, more pointed knurled knob for? I feel stupid not knowing...
  7. Noggsy

    Now is the time to buy 150 mm metric Starrett Combination Square

    I bought one. Not checked for square yet, but very impressed with the heft and finish.
  8. Noggsy

    Newbie questions.....

    Re the tear out...make sure your plane iron is sharp and, where possible, check the grain alignment. Ideally, you want it to be rising in the same direction that you’re planing. So, if you’re getting tearout, try reversing the wood and see if there is a significant difference. But getting your...
  9. Noggsy

    Makita 18v batteries

    ITS often have deals on them and are a good company to deal with I’ve found.
  10. Noggsy

    Battery pack experience

    I use the Makita 18v series and they are excellent. I’ve got two drills, a strimmer, hedge trimmer, multi-tool and router set. Choose carefully, because you don’t want more than one type (although can buy adapters) and once you start down that road, it’s seductive! Cordless tools are...
  11. Noggsy

    Merchants in or around North Wales

    Haha, I’ve just seen the date on this
  12. Noggsy

    Merchants in or around North Wales

    There’s an interesting antiques place in Wrexham called Bryn y Grog; There used to be a guy who had a large section at the back which was remaindered and reclaimed hard wood. He had a massive range at good prices, but you would never know what he would have in...
  13. Noggsy

    Bandsaw dust extraction that actually works - 85% efficient!

    Viewed with interest and then shamelessly stolen. Thanks Steve, that is an excellent solution. The new Laguna bandsaw has 2 x 100mm ports, but my HVLP collector is not really powerful enough to suck the dust away from the blade. Unlike my (your) new system. I’ve modified it slightly and used...
  14. Noggsy

    CBN Bench Grinders

    I’ve been using an 8” CBN wheel on a slow speed grinder for about 7 years and I love it. I mainly use it for Woodturning chisels, but have used it for everything except carving tools. I’ve got a medium white stone as well on the same grinder which is more aggressive. What I love about the CBN...
  15. Noggsy


    My 14BX should land on Friday. There has been a UK wide shortage, with lots of back-orders I understand. I can’t wait, it looks amazing!
  16. Noggsy

    What tool(s) would you buy for £200?

    I’ve never heard of that website and it looks great. And that square looks fantastic. Thankyou.
  17. Noggsy

    What tool(s) would you buy for £200?

    It obviously depends on what you’re doing. For me, I’ve got a Quangsheng no. 7 plane from Workshop Heaven that I use all the time. I’ve got a Veritas block plane I got secondhand and again, I use all the time. I’ve got a Record 4 1/2 that I got for about £25 (from here) and I’m finding I reach...
  18. Noggsy

    Help required (Stoke on Trent/Staffordshire)

    The Veritas jig is very good indeed (I use it with diamond stones from ITS), but I’m fairly sure that you still need the sides of your chisel to be square, as the jig-setter works from the side. I’d have to go and check it, but I think that’s the case.
  19. Noggsy

    Rare Earth Magnets for saw fence

    I use them all the time. When I’ve broken them, it has almost always been my fault, for over tightening them. The most successful use I’ve found for them, is routing them into wood to within a mil or two, so that whatever is being held by them is protected by wood. I don’t really like metal to...