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    Making a tap for an unusual thread

    Late to the party! The twist on those taps is Rt hand but I thought they were Le hand threads so were they jamming on the way out???
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    tool identification

    It's called a docking iron. Depending on size they were heated and used to cauterise the cut surface of a tail stump when a horse or lamb was docked.
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    Meddings scroll saw serial #JSB 07240

    Sorry two other things, you don’t need the existing switch for either option. Also what parts are missing? I may be able to help out on that score.
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    Meddings scroll saw serial #JSB 07240

    Hi Bluekingfisher, I have gone down the same road with a Meddings jigsaw. The motor is 3 phase as you have been told/guessed. You have two options, either replace motor with similar single phase motor and you will need to purchase , ideally a no-volt release switch for this. Or you can get a...
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    Just seen the silky katanaboy!

    The Katanaboy is a sharpenable blade and you can get a suitable file from Silky. They are superb saws, personally I've yet to find a bow saw that could compete with one.
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    What engineers do when they are bored.

    Brilliant, but can't help wondering why someone would lay a floor with such a fall!!!???
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    Anyone tried de-rusting with Clarke air tools?

    I can't speak for Clarke equipment but needle guns are pretty simple animals. One thing you should be aware of is that they are air hungry, you will need a big compressor with a big tank to do any sensible amount of work.
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    Decent hex bits?

    Anything by Wiha is generally good.
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    Veneer on MDF repair

    Thanks Peter, that was my thoughts. I've never used MDF as a veneer substrate and this MDF is in multiple laminae so lots of surface area to soak up glue and then swell. Will see what I can do for photos.
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    Veneer on MDF repair

    OK Thanks, will give that some thought.
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    Veneer on MDF repair

    Hi, I've been given a Backgammon board to repair. It's not of the best quality but has sentimental value. Apparently, a wooden shelf fell onto it corner on and this has punched a rectangular slot thru' one side. The MDF substrate has delaminated into several layers but I feel that with...
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    Plane iron grinding - to width

    Yup, what Derek says. I've just done this. Didn't use a Dremel but 4.5" angle grinder with 1mm cut off disc. Mark off with a sharpie pen, follow the pen line and cut 2-3mm at a time and allow cooling time between bites. I kept one finger resting on the blade near to the cut so I could feel its...
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    Sarre Plane

    What an interesting subject, made all the more so by the fact that I am reading it as I sit in a pub in Sarre!!
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    Setting up a Stanley 45 for glazing bars

    Thanks for that! Never thought about looking on YouTube. I think I'm on the right track and at least my cutter is a lot sharper than that fellows.
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    Setting up a Stanley 45 for glazing bars

    Have a thing in my head at the moment about running up some window sashes with hand tools. Have a rather tired Stanley 45 with a nice sharp NOS cutter of the appropriate shape but I'm struggling to figure out the best way to place the fence and the sliding skate. Anyone have any experience of...
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    Laurel Wood?

    Reputedly releases cyanide gas when burned! Don't know about utility as timber, pretty dense stuff might be good for tool handles??
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    drying larch cladding

    As I grow and mill a fair bit of larch, Sussex not Aberdeenshire although I am an Aberdonian, I thought I'd chip in with some observations. Don't be tempted to use the larch too wet, if you can even get 6 months drying in shade and under an open cover it will make a big difference. Also larch is...
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    Sketchup printing full size --- Update

    Xy, I'm less than computer savey so won't volunteer for testing your plugin, what I have found in the past however is that you can take a screen print of your Sketch up drawing and copy/paste into Paint. If the drawing is larger than A4 Paint seems to be able to divide the drawing up over as...
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    Exporting Files from Sketchup

    Hi, long time since I posted on here. A quick query for the resident Sketchup experts please. Other than splashing out on Sketchup Pro is there anyway of exporting sketchup files as .dwg or similar. I've lost my access to Autocad/Solidworks and need to send out drawings to a laser cutting...
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    Source for flap wheels?

    For good quality stuff like this J+L industrial is probably your best bet. Cromwell tools also carry stuff like that.