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  1. NosamLuap

    Compound sliding /mitre saw accurate cuts

    Lots of good advice already. The only thing I can add is to ask how you're measuring the line? You might get better results by NOT using a tape measure - e.g. if you want several pieces 'the same length' of 300mm, is it more important that each one is 300mm, or is it more important that each one...
  2. NosamLuap

    Magswitch Bandsaw Featherboard DIY Kit

    Great post, very detailed and informative! On your last point (fig. 3.1) it would be really easy for the 3d printer file to be modified to accommodate locking pins/sockets. Were the 3d printer files supplied with the kit, or did your friend model the whole thing from scratch?
  3. NosamLuap

    Where to buy Bandsaw blades.

    I've used Tuffsaws as a hobbyist for the last couple of years - first with a Parkside (Lidl) cheap and cheerful model - which was transformed into a surprisingly capable saw with a Tuffsaws blade! Then, I bought a second hand Record Power BS250, which I fitted with a couple of Tuffsaws blades. I...
  4. NosamLuap

    Evolution Rage 5S setup

    Aha, excellent! We've all been there, so focussed on 'one part' of the problem that we miss the other! :LOL:
  5. NosamLuap

    Walnut tree

    Cut into suitable sized 'lumps', walnut turns beautifully on a lathe so could make some bowl blanks. Depending on the size of the trunk/limbs, that only requires a chainsaw to get valuable pieces to sell (or turn, if you have a lathe!). Or, as Recipio suggests, get it milled on site into usable...
  6. NosamLuap

    Evolution Rage 5S setup

    Slightly confused by this... if the bolts allow the fence to move in relation to the black handle, then move the fence 'right' in relation to the handle, then when the fence is touching the blade, you'll be at (or closer) to zero on the measurement line??
  7. NosamLuap

    Evolution Rage 5S setup

    The only think I can think (without going into the garage and getting mine out to rummage further!) is that the two bolts on the top of the fence, which are intended to allow you to calibrate it to 90 degrees, are both 'over to one side'? Can you loosen those and nudge the whole fence over by 4mm??
  8. NosamLuap

    Evolution Rage 5S setup

    I made this video after setting up mine (though mine isn't actually the Rage5s - it's the Screwfix own R255PTS, which is pretty much identical but I don't get the left extension!). Ignoring my blatant confusion on how to read measurements, you can see that it did line up as you expect it to - I...
  9. NosamLuap

    Evolution Rage 5S setup

    You have the fence extension fitted. is it the same without that, using the orange numbers? Can you loosen the 'orange' pointer on the left and move that, similar to moving the clear alignment markers?
  10. NosamLuap

    Anyone out there with a Charnwood W812? Can a drill chuck be fitted to the tailstock?

    In fact, I'm so sure that the Charnwood 812 and the Axminster AWVSL900 are the same that I suspect the manual for the Axminster is useful to you :)
  11. NosamLuap

    Anyone out there with a Charnwood W812? Can a drill chuck be fitted to the tailstock?

    From Googling that model, I'd be stunned if it's NOT a 2MT tailstock - it looks very much like the current Charnwood W813, and many similar lathes (e.g. the Axminster AWVSL900). Are you sure that whatever is in your tailstock isn't using a 2MT? If you wind it all the way in, does the current...
  12. NosamLuap

    Rust on machine tables

    I bought this last autumn, and whilst it's only a few months, it seems to be holding up well - bandsaw and lathe haven't noticeably rusted since applying (they were both 2nd hand, and never 'shiny' surfaces, but they've not got worse!)
  13. NosamLuap

    Evolution Rage 5S Table Saw Wobbly Fence

    I think this is the wrong way - you PUSH the fence away from you, into the saw, so that the black 'T' section is firm against the track, as you lock it down. (At least, that's what I do!!)
  14. NosamLuap

    Evolution Rage 5S Table Saw Wobbly Fence

    I have the Screwfix 'sister' saw to this - the R255 PTS - when the fence is not locked, it also can swivel slightly like that. Before clamping the lever down to lock it, I ensure I'm pushing 'back' so that it squares before locking. It certainly has a degree or two of drift as you're sliding it...
  15. NosamLuap

    Compressor question - connectors

    I'm also going to push your budget and recommend the Hyundai - I have the 24l 'silent' compressor, and it runs at 60-something dB, rather than the more usual 95ish dB for a regular compressor - that's a HUGE difference. I can easily hold a conversation whilst mine is running, and working from my...
  16. NosamLuap

    Oscillating dander on offer again

    Rutlands regularly do this... in my opinion, their stuff is normally on the expensive side, but when they have a daily offer it's typically a really good reduction which takes them to lower than comparable products - I bought their track saw for £99, when the 'normal' price is £169... for £99 it...
  17. NosamLuap

    Table saws, full sheets & wide pieces

    You shouldn't get burning from a track saw... have you replaced the blade? Saxton are very cheap but surprisingly good quality... I have an Evolution table saw, and frankly I wouldn't dream of trying to wangle a full sheet through it. It's unsafe, because it is so unstable. If you REALLY want a...
  18. NosamLuap

    Plunge saw buying recommendations £150-250 budget

    My 2p to add to the advice already given... I was recently in a similar position (keen DIY, not pro, with a specific project that would be much easier with a track saw - I have a 20yo 'Challenge' circular saw that can't maintain a 90degree cut, so it was time to upgrade!) I went for the...
  19. NosamLuap

    Rutlands Warning!

    I must say, I've limited experience with Rutlands, having only bought two items from them, but in both instances their support was excellent... first, I bought a lathe chuck and jaw set in one of their 'daily deals' - it was a great price, and came with all the jaws I thought I'd need. A few...
  20. NosamLuap

    Workshop in garden shed and noise

    I work out of my detached garage, which is about 6 metres from our living room (and similar distance from our two neighbours, as we live in a corner house). I had my wife sit in the living room with the window open slightly, whilst I went in the garage with all doors shut - she can't hear the...