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  1. Alexam

    Looking for inspiration

    Good for you Paul. I had a few years making bandsaw boxes and it looks like you already have a good method of doing this. When I have completed over 20 boxes, I decided to start selling them and found the site called 'Etsy' very reasonable and easy to use. As you may know, the tuning of your...
  2. Alexam

    Wanted Someone to set up my bandsaw SY S66

    The attached may help you Hopefully you may have sorted this out, but just in case .......... GET THE BEST TUNING FROM A BANDSAW 'Alex Snodgrass of Carter Industries has an excellent video on a tune up method that works well. His updated version also...
  3. Alexam


    I believe you are looking at the wrong guide. Have a look at the video of Alex Snodgrass and you will see that it is nothing like the 1950b that I have just looked up. The stabilizer is a single unit that attaches in the same place as the normal guide but is a simple grooved wheel that the blade...
  4. Alexam


    The small blade on a bandsaw need to be run carefully to save on breakage. Tuffsaw 1/8" blades are very good and having used them for many years specifically for bandsaw box making, they are ideal for those tighter cuts. Ideally you could get a Carter Stabilizer, which I have used and as it...
  5. Alexam

    Found Wanted: large bandsaw

    Dr Al bought the Record BS400 and dismantled most of it to get it in his estate car without a problem. I believe he's a happy bunny as he has wanted a good bandsaw for some time.
  6. Alexam

    Bandsaw advice

    Many bandsaw buyers tend to buy with smaller depth cut that they really need. Possibly to keep costs down. Far better to buy larger if possible, but do take your time looking round and get an idea of the sort of work you will be doing before you part with your money. If you have the space, floor...
  7. Alexam

    Wanted Record power 20 scroll saw

    Couple of options. One assembled and one not but with all the bolts only taken apart a few months ago. I'm near you at Wythall at B47 5QZ if interested Looks like this base I previously had for old bandsaw.and top easily fixed for the scrollsaw depending on the height you need
  8. Alexam

    Dust extraction - bandsaws

    I have used the Axminster NVD750 on my Record BS400 bandsaw. Bought it new from Axminster and mainly because the filteration is so good. Connected with a 4" hose and it works extreemly well. It may be more than you want to pay, as they are rather expensive, but good equipment is worth the cost...
  9. Alexam

    Anybody else love bandsaws?

    Back in 2014, having retired and just started my venture into woodwork as a hobby, I bought a job lot of tools from one of my son's friends father who was no longer using them. Included was an old bandsaw. That started a journey for me that was very different. After a few weeks of learning about...
  10. Alexam

    Found Wanted: large bandsaw

    Hi Al, nice to chat about the items I am selling and look forward to seeing you on Saturday about 2pm as arranged. It would help me if you could send me an e-mail to [email protected] with your full name and address so that I can prepare a receipt just in case you buy on Saturday...
  11. Alexam

    Found Wanted: large bandsaw

    Hiya, all dimentions for the BS400 are available off the Record site and they haven't changed from the one I bought new from Record in June 2014. It's main use since then has been in making bandsaw boxes and not much else. That is why I also purchased the Carter Stabilizer blade guide as it...
  12. Alexam

    Found Wanted: large bandsaw

    How about near Birmingham. Junction 3 of the M42. Record BS400 I am about to sell. Excellent condition ans could also go with a Carter STABILIZER FOR A 1/8" blade. New they are around £1300, but may be more than you are looking for as a 200mm depths small. Have seen second hand advertised at...
  13. Alexam

    Wanted Router table

    I mounted a new Triton TR101 into a kitchen table top, which hangs vertically in front of my workbench. Has a clamp on guide than holds an extractor pipe and I connect with a vac, Location West Midlands and hardly used. I thought I would have loads of use for it but like a few other things, did...
  14. Alexam

    Found Bandsaw wanted.

    Is a Record BS400 too big? I am about to advertise mine but it is in the West Midlands near Jt 3 of the M42
  15. Alexam

    Bandsaw blade tracking problem

    I meant to add this but only just found it on the PC again. Hope it helps in tuning your bandsaw GET THE BEST TUNING FROM A BANDSAW 'Alex Snodgrass of Carter Industries has an excellent video on a tune up method that works well. His updated version...
  16. Alexam

    Bandsaw blade tracking problem

    If you search this site for tuning bandsaw,, you shouldfind anumber of ways that can tune a bandsaw well. The BS250 is a good machine and you should not have the problem. Good luck
  17. Alexam

    Hello from sunny Nuneaton

    Welcome to anew world. Overall y years, this sight helped me when starting woodwork with ideas and advice. Now I'm 81 and just starting to find out what all my equipment will sell for. My main interest has been in making bandsaw boxes and there is a huge amount of variety in that, including all...
  18. Alexam

    Returning to Woodworking - advice please

    Is a bandsaw on your list. I have a Record BS400 that I will be selling soon. Need to look at prices to know what they go for, but if it is on your list, it's a good one?
  19. Alexam

    Giving up Woodworking

    The time has come now and I will now start checking prices of equipment to sell mine off as I doubt I will do any more now as other more pressing matters have popped up.
  20. Alexam

    12”/14” bandsaw comparison

    I have has the BS400 for a few years now and can honestly say that it is a superb machine. I also use a Carter Stabilizer for the 1/8" blades I use in making bandsaw boxes and it enables me to turn a closer curve than the standard blade guide. Bought it from new and its never let me down...