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  1. GregW

    Wadkin pattern makers vice

    Any progress? :)
  2. GregW

    potential CNC for round sash windows making

    Thank you :) Some pics of the process, and the old from front. It was too big before. I did 10mm inwards from the fece stone. I did curved windows before, sash and casements, but 3x half circle tops with key stone… it was a test 😆
  3. GregW

    potential CNC for round sash windows making

    I did one with insert round cheek, and I was a mistake it’s half circle, 6mm depth. I missed 4 times the 2mm and the insert cheek was not perfect, so I did solid sapele top cheeks instead on all :) Two new, next to old.
  4. GregW

    potential CNC for round sash windows making

    Hello, I fallow the valid points. I understand now, and as my first round 3 open/open sash windows, I’m really enjoyed moulder router😊
  5. GregW

    Lie Nielsen tools

    I don’t mind CNC, I’m can program C++, logic, Siemens… but in that case programmer and machine does elements, not the machine operator… Making anything BY HAND, is the craftsmanship. It’s different from full automatisation, factory replication, mass production, etc…
  6. GregW

    Lie Nielsen tools

    ON / OFF rest is on me.
  7. GregW

    Lie Nielsen tools

    Machines made now are not letting me to do work. They are made from aluminium for button-operators, not for artisans :)
  8. GregW

    Lie Nielsen tools

    True, but most of clients with money, like to buy products bespoke and handmade. with CNC you become IKEA competition :)
  9. GregW

    Lie Nielsen tools

    From that reason I’m self employed :)
  10. GregW

    What's the biggest mistake you have made in your woodworking

    I made fantastic casement window, 970x970, only to find out on time of fitting that it suppose to be 870 x 970….
  11. GregW

    Withdrawn Everything Just open PayPal and send link. For starters. 100 ppl x £10 = basic power tools ;)
  12. GregW

    Microsoft Onedrive lost my files ?

    There so much angles to this story. - message could be most likely fraud - you did not log into “this” OneDrive, as you might have two separate logins emails used - you have new phone with settings to store all info with no room, and it will not do it as whole date goes over you limit. - you sat...
  13. GregW

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    I always recommend refurbishment is there is cosmetic, however windows has need referb 3 times, and most tenons were completely rotten away. Client decision was to like4like front of the house :) WILTHIRE is 50/50 Bath Roman soft stone and Potterne hard red brick 🧱 buildings :) Love to do...
  14. GregW

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Thank you :)
  15. GregW

    I've seen it all!!!

    Is that topic about how to make new age art sales, earn the money, waste a money… from commends I’m not sure…
  16. GregW

    Where to buy Accoya?

    its must be trendy, as no one has pointed me any reasons for using Accoya instead Sepele.
  17. GregW

    Joke thread

    BREXIT development over the years
  18. GregW

    Joke thread

  19. GregW

    Guns,guns, and more Guns

    slavery comes from lack of power. Before power was dictated by numbers of clubs, bigger muscle, technological weapon advances… Now its influence to wage war without economic repercussions, to set up “new better” government to pay its debt for “liberation”…. For those lucky once in countries...