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  1. Mallymal123

    How to avoid tearout on turned platter?

    Razor sharp tools and a delicate touch is all you need! (Easier said than done 🤣)
  2. Mallymal123

    Campervan cabinetry - ply & MDF novice Q's

    Sorry, only just seen your q. The laminations are pretty good, but obv not as tight as birch 👍
  3. Mallymal123

    Campervan cabinetry - ply & MDF novice Q's

    Check out poplar or garnica plywood. Pale, but not as interesting a grain as Birch. Very lightweight so ideal for camper cabinets etc.
  4. Mallymal123

    Advice please re: blade for 10" table saw

    Hey Nik, Be sure to check the size! I’ve got the Bosch gts10xc and mine is 30mm bore, not 25.4 as you quote in your question!
  5. Mallymal123

    Budget shop vac

    Another vote for Henry…. Much quieter than my Titan shop vac.
  6. Mallymal123

    General advice about choosing timber size for loft bed.

    I like the idea of the L section legs - I’m doing the same on a workbench I’m building. Especially as it’s going against a wall, I’d simply add a horizontal timber between the rear legs, say 30cm up from the floor. This will reduce any wobble massively. Good luck - sounds an interesting project.
  7. Mallymal123

    Heating a insulated workshop

    I think you’re idea of building a wall is spot on. Build a stud wall, and get some insulation in it, and skin it with something like 12mm ply. Then you can screw all kinds of stuff directly to it for storage. Also great for keeping the sawdust away from your car. those temperatures sound...
  8. Mallymal123

    Stall set up/advice

    Always a tough one to call. I’ve done a few school fairs where people come along with limited cash and by the time they’ve bought a burger/mince pie/cup of coffee and paid for the kids face painting & lucky dip, there’s nothing left for buying quality hand crafted gifts. in contrast, did one...
  9. Mallymal123

    Budget shop vac

    That’s good to hear. I use a Titan shop vac with a cyclone, but it’s on its last legs, so plan to use a Henry instead 👍
  10. Mallymal123

    Screwfix catalogues disappear.

    Worst of all, it means there’s no pencils to pinch in screwfix (but on the up side, you could Nick the tablet) 😂
  11. Mallymal123

    Wood-turning lathe

    I was lucky enough to have a bloke teach me woodturning and let me use all his gear. He was a bit of a tool junkie, but believe me the lathe is the tip of the iceberg… youll need to spend a lot on gouges, parting tools, chucks, sanding equipment…. And most importantly gear to sharpen your...
  12. Mallymal123

    What will happen to your tools when you die?

    Myself and a pal both have a mixture of budget woodwork tools, but also decent stuff like a Bosch gts 10xc table saw. So we’ve got a reciprocal arrangement - if I die first, he’ll help my missus value and sell my tools and vice versa. Facebook marketplace is full of scammers, but I’m sure...
  13. Mallymal123

    Matchfit dovetail clamps or would track clamps work

    I scored a really good deal on a pair of Makita guide rail clamps. i tried giving it a similar profile to the Microjig one with an angle grinder, and routing a slot using a regular dovetail router cutter. One clamp was ok, but I messed one up. somebody with a better eye might have better luck...