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    Oak Timber merchant South West

    Robbins Timber in Bristol. Yandles in Martock, Somerset. Both do Oak to specifications and deliver nationwide. Nigel
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    Big Triton Router (TRA001)

    I have had my TRA001 for 16 years now and it's still going strong. It is fitted to the Triton Router Stand which includes a knee operated switch so no modifications are needed to the router. It remains "on" at the router switch but controlled on and off via the knee switch. Obviously it needs to...
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    Broke my compass plane

    You could try locating a local model engineering ( trains? ) club. They might have some people with expertise and tools to sort you out. Nigel
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    Walnut chopping board - advice please

    As you have some different coloured wood ( Maple?) you could try the following: alternate the two and glue up staggered at 45 deg. Clamping this is a bit tricky. Then cut at that 45 deg angle and glue up again. I made a chopping board this way. Nigel
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    Help with resawing in London

    Try local 'Men's Shed's' to see if they have a suitable bandsaw and expertise. Also suggest that you check that the bandsaw and blade are good enough by trying some unimportant wood of approximately the same size as your special piece. My local ( in Somerset so no good for you) has a good...
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    Want to get back into woodworking, but need space. Help!

    Look for your local "Men's Shed". They might be suitable for you to join. There are many in the general Birmingham area. Every one is different depending on facilities and membership so try a few within your reach. My local ( too far from you) has a lot of woodworking equipment and skilled...
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    Oil and rags catching fire you tube video

    A scrunched up rag insulates the heat of reactions so it can reach ignition point. It is easy to avoid this problem. When you are finished open the rag and hang it over a convenient rail so the air can take the heat of polymerisation away. The reaction should be finished the next day when it can...
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    Bobbin sander

    I have the TRITON oscillating belt and spindle one. When I first used it, it worked for a very short time before blowing some electrical circuitry. As I had bought it just before Christmas I hadn't used it for a few weeks and it failed outside the 28 days for return to Amazon. TRITON asked for...
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    How can I order wood which won't warp?

    I don't know where you are in London but you could try to locate a "Men's Shed" near you. There you will find friendly and experienced people to help you and possibly machinery that you could be trained on for your projects. Nigel
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    Epoxy glue

    Kittyhawk.... As you state that you only use a little at a time and the tins should last for months it indicates that the tin is opened frequently allowing fresh air in each time, apart from the fact that tins don't always seal adequately to prevent air ingress in storage. Epoxy components are...
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    Vintage Workmate spares??

    Don't look on eBay. Google search "B&D Workmate spares" and you will find plenty of sites for the spare parts. Nigel
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    Handheld vertical drilling - Jig, press or other?

    Not much help to you but it's a pity that TRITON stopped producing their original 18v cordless drill which had just the feature you are looking for built-in. I purchased one 15+ years ago and it is still going albeit with repackaged...
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    Primary colour wood dye/stains

    Hampshire Sheen: They also do a mini pack ( 15ml bottles) of all the colours. Other suppliers are available. Nigel
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    Men In Sheds

    Too many videos on youtube are from America where there is rarely a guard or riving knife to be seen. Nigel
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    Men In Sheds

    Try: to find your nearest shed Nigel
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    DIY lathe

    As The Tiddles says-----Forget it. Try to find a local model engineering club. Ask at Heritage railways and steam fairs. I'm sure that you can find someone who would make the odd thing for a Cornish Pastie or two. Nigel
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    Reaction wood/internal stresses - what's really going on?

    There is a little device that has been invented for just this phenomenon. It's called a Riving Knife. Known and used at least since the 19th century. Nigel
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    Budget Glue

    I seem to remember in my "yoof" flour and water paste made a suitable glue for sticking paper together, and paper is just wood isn't it?o_O Nigel
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    Budget Glue

    You misunderstood my post. I presented a hypothetical situation to demonstrate the insignificalt cost of any wood glue in a simple project even when it is the expensive Titebond 3. I also use CA for mitres when necessary and for other applications where PVA is totally unsuitable, repairing...
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    Budget Glue

    O. K. budget glue, how much do you save? Assume you will make a frame from a bit of timber 25mm x 150mm x 1M. This will cost you from about £5 ( cheapest I could find ). To glue the mitres should take no more than 1ml of glue. With Titebond 3 at close to £30/litre the glue will cost 3p. If you...