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    Can anybody help? Large turning required

    Thanks for the replies, i did have a feeling that i was pushing what was possible. Its for a friend of a friend whos setting up an artsy interiors shop, and has come to me for the business computer (bear with me here) the brief was it had to be seriously powerful but look nothing like a box and...
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    Can anybody help? Large turning required

    Its been a long time since ive posted here, Ive been incredibly busy with none wood related projects. My current project though could be wood related :D im looking at the possibility of a turned jet like orb, but the dimensions are far to big for me to even attempt, it wont even fit on my...
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    Windows 7

    I thought all quad-cores were 64bit? unless its really old? the downside to that is that 32bit versions of windows cant access 4GB of ram think the max is about 3GB.
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    Windows 7

    Vista and 7 have DX10 support, windows XP doesnt, its only DX9.(DX11's on the way) Granted i havent played any game that uses DX10, but seeing as i have a gpu that supports it, i might aswell have the facility to use it when it is more widely used :D I like both mac OS and windows tbh. I...
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    Windows 7

    As far as i know the version that we get will not allow you to upgrade, and has to be installed as a fresh install. I dont know what happens if you buy a comp with vista now though, there was talk of offering upgrades to win7. Maybe oem versions allow upgrade installs? Your also going to need a...
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    Windows 7

    After using the beta, now the rc, I ordered win7 pro for £80 from ebuyer when the preorders first start. Im still using the RC version, on every computer/lappy in my house! If you havent actually used 7 yet then i highly recommend downloading the RC, It really is worlds away from vista when...
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    Id have a guess that on a car like that it is actually paint/chemical reaction! The paint shop down the road from me do chrome paint, i was going to have my mountain bike done in it, but when he gave me the price i quickly changed my mind. He did say it can take up to 2 weeks to get a really...
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    fotos detalladas de maquina ghermandi

    My spanish is very rusty but i think hes saying he has a machine (GHERMANDI SUPEROLIMPIA 300) and doesnt know how to feed the wood into it? Google comes up as an edge sanding machine but other than that i cant find anything that would help sorry
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    Suppliers of Oak

    +1 for kesteven components if its not too far. They're just down the road from me very helpful people and the prices arent too shaby either.
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    MP3 player

    With regards to the charging from the head unit, Some do and some dont is the conclusion ive come to. The other half has a headunit that accepts mp3 players, which doesnt charge her 4th gen ipod nano, but it will charge my 1st gen nano. I have no idea why and its a little strange. The mp3...
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    Please recommend a road bike?

    A friend of mine has a Trex 1.2, its a nice piece of kit imo, think it retails for just under £600 though, but im sure an 08 model could be found within your budget.
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    Another Project for the House

    Yeah the pics are straight from my phone (LG Cookie) Ill get some better ones when its in the house. I wanted the handles to be simple and chunky, They are a bit too simple though but they feel nice in the hand, I may change them later on if i get the time :)
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    Another Project for the House

    Well the lady of the house decided that having no drawers in the babies room was becomming a problem. "Ill get you some sorted babe" was the reply from me. Anyways 2 Days of work later and there just about done only need a clear finish applying. Nothing special nearly all made from pine, the...
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    Bandsaw blades?

    I bought a couple from tilgear, the Hakansson silco ones, seem to produce a nice cut and prices were about the same as the others i looked at for my size, no doubt ill buy more when i need them.
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    lamborghini power tools?!

    Yeah i was aware of that, 1 of the biggest power tools you can buy i suppose :D, after doing a little research it seems Tonino is the son of the late Ferruccio Lamborghini. It looks like hes milking the name for all its worth tbh
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    lamborghini power tools?!

    Whilst having a lazy afternoon and nothing better to do i was browsing through plenty of random websites, and came across this site whilst looking for info on the triton drill (not that i want or need another drill, just curious). Then i notice tonino lamborghini...
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    Microsoft to offer significant discount on Win7 Pre Order

    I dont want this to turn into anti windows campaign, Im mearly posting this for those who would be interested in Buying Win7 when its released for alot less than the retail prices. Basically if you pre order between 5th July 2009 and 9th August 2009. Microsoft will sell you the home premium and...
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    dewalt plunge saw and rail - how to clamp to work piece ?

    My mafell came with clamps that slide in a t-slot on the under side of the rail, this keeps them out of the way of the track, id imagine that dewalt would use a similar system but would have thought it should come with a couple. On axminster they're shown as quick clamps, these are also...
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    I fancy buying a Sliding Compound Mitre Saw

    I cant comment on either of the saws you've mentioned but i recently got a 12" belt driven rexon i believe its a MS12A, It took a while to get it setup but its been excellent so far, Nice clean cut with the stock blade and really quiet, The only problem ive had was the sheer space needed for it...
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    USB Modem Stick Pay as U go

    Ive just bought a PAYG 3G dongle from a promotional site, cost a fiver my mate got one last week and finds it really useful, and at £5 i couldnt refuse :D