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  1. lord snooty

    Need a new scroll saw

    Am new to scroll sawing having just bagged a good as new Jet JWSS-16B at a great price on eBay. Don’t ask how I managed to collect it! I can’t understand the dislike of the Axminster models as they are identical to the Pegas machine and I understand they all come from the same factory in Taiwan...
  2. lord snooty

    Dust collector - remote control

    There are a lot of threads around on this subject and as I couldn’t find a current one thought I’d add my twopenn’th here. I had hard wired switches to my Record extractor at various locations when my workshop was split by a dividing wall after previously using a cheap RC system which failed...
  3. lord snooty

    Axminster Customer Service

    This thread stared as an issue with Axminster service quality. I’m not sure why it developed into a rant about spam emails. On the subject of service quality I have been using Axminster for many years and have had only one occasion to contact them about a problem when a grinder wheel broke up...
  4. lord snooty

    Record vice, age and quality

    Regarding age of these vices I have a 52E which I acquired when the joinery works section of the building firm I worked for was cleared out in about 1966. The joinery works had not been operational during my employment which started in 1963 so my vice must be at least pre 1962/3. It has served...
  5. lord snooty

    Cornwall association of wood turners info needed pls.

    Hi Norm The previous advice to Stu to just turn up (no pun intended) still holds good. We have now got the Tuesday teaching evenings going again so any evening during the week except Friday is good. If the barrier is across the road when you arrive check to see if the padlock is actually...
  6. lord snooty

    Cornwall association of wood turners info needed pls.

    Stu Don't know if you made contact with C.A.W. but if not come back and I will supply any info you need. I am a member of the CAW committee. The advice re turning up on spec is fine. We do teaching evenings Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7.00 pm until 10.00 pm. If you do come make sure you...