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    Dewalt DWE7485-GB - Table Saw

    I have a similar DeWalt table saw, may be previous model to yours and find it invaluable when working on site. It really is a great little table saw and just about light enough to throw in the back of the van. Don't know how I managed before getting it.
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    Startrite bandsaw ?

    Hello A few years back I bought a Startrite 352E bandsaw direct from Record Power. It's an educational version as it was a return from a school. Anyway I need a table insert so contacted SawsUk. Told them mine needs an oval insert and they told me it's not a real Startrite but an import ? It's...
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    Bakuma Shark bars

    Thanks all, I had a epiphany and tried Rutlands ... ars+b12102
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    Bakuma Shark bars

    I lost one of my 12 year old Bakuma Shark pry bars down a cavity and badly need to replace it. But I can't find a retailer in the UK. nearest I could find.... ... 1539858957 I've tried the Cumquats cheapo Silverline, they aren't a patch on Bakuma, I think...
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    I hate doors!

    I reckon on 4 -5 doors per day in old houses, depends where they are and how many stairs there are to carry the pippers up and down. If cutting outside, weather is also a factor as is size of the doors. I get £40 per door too.
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    I hate doors!

    Yes I do that with fire doors. have also done it with oak veneered doors with care.
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    Fitting Howdens kitchen units to plasterboard and stud wall.

    No it doesn't, the batten is 12mm therefore flush with plasterboard face and cabinet adjuster attaches to batten thereby adjustable through the cabinet as designed. Fitting the rail is good, I will try that out next when I fit my next kitchen, but the cabinet sides will need chopping out as...
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    Best Anti Rust Product

    I don't understand this, I wrote my bike looks Cumquats through winter.................where does Cumquats come from ??
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    Best Anti Rust Product

    The best anti corrosion fluid by far is ACF50 I use this on my bike, a newish (2013) BMW RT1200, ride all year round weather permitting and the bike looks Cumquats through winter but comes up lovely after a right proper wash in the Spring. Trick is to apply...
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    Fitting Howdens kitchen units to plasterboard and stud wall.

    I cut a slot out of the plasterboard about 40mm deep and the length of the run of units less 20mm at each end, cut a length of 12mm ply screw to studs and fasten units to that. Takes 20 mins tops.
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    Anyone bought tools from abroad ?

    Update, I've opened the box (which appears to have come direct from Mafell) and no flexi rail inside. These saws come complete so it seems the factory have not put it in the case. I have emailed Mr Bort.
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    Anyone bought tools from abroad ?

    It arrived just now, no duty or import fees to pay.
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    DeWalt tablesaw

    I've had mine for a couple of years now, and love it, it can make a job very easy and quick, its fairly light and very easy to set the size of cut. And yes I too would like a bigger stop switch.
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    Loft Boarding

    If you are fully boarding the floor, and screwing it down properly this will give some lateral rigidity, the shorter lengths are probably left over from earlier build and I would think could be removed. I don't think a structural engineer needs be involved, it'll cost you about £600 for that...
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    Silver birch - any use as timber?

    Grows like weeds up here in the North.
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    Anyone bought tools from abroad ?

    I ended up with Bort & Ekhart off ebay. I'll let you know if I have any problems. I looked at Screwfix who sell these saws for £550 so I got a bargain at £440, much less than normal selling price of £660.
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    Anyone bought tools from abroad ?

    I am considering buying a new Mafell KSS300, and cheapest place by far is Germany, my local dealer wants £550 + VAT but from Germany its £440 delivered. I have bought Rukka clothing from Germany before and was delighted with price and fast delivery, and I'm hoping tools will be the same.
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    Joiners: How do you size a door SKETCHUP DRAWING OF JIG

    I use the old door as a template, I fit doors all the time and no door frame is square.....ever !! Check fit of original door in frame, if okay then make sure you mark top of old door, lay on top of new door, mark hinges onto new door, fit hinges, and hang then trim to suit.
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    Trimming formica

    I have been making tables for a local cafe, and I have a small problem with trimming the formica. The tables are square and rectangular shaped, so have formica on the edges and tops. Whilst trimming with my Bosch palm router and trend trimming cutter it leaves a touch too much formica so the...
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    Phillips Screws

    I use a small flat head screwdriver, hammer into slots the just use normal screwdriver, I do it all the time. No messing heating screwdrivers or nitromors.