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    Whats your Top 3-5 UK WoodWorking Books?

    Here are my recommendations in no particular order. a) +1 The Technique of Furniture Making by Ernest Joyce b) Woodworking with the Router by Bill Hylton & Fred Matlack - the most comprehensive router book I have come across c) Furniture by Fine Woodworking - a variety of different pieces with...
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    Help needed identifying timber (additional pictures added).

    HI, Thanks for the replies so far. The wood is about 12 feet up in racking so these are the best pictures I can take without pulling out boards (which would need to be arranged). It looks a real mixture of hard and soft woods. Hudson, as far as I know the wood is more than 5 years old...
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    Help needed identifying timber (additional pictures added).

    I wonder if anyone can help identify the different types of timber in the attached picture and what value there might be involved. Lengths are between 3 and 5 meters. Comments gratefully received. Thanks in advance.
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    Timber Buying Advice

    The price did include VAT. Thanks for the response.
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    Timber Buying Advice

    A first post in some time here. Today I was offered a single board of cherry for £70. Approximate dimensions are L6m x W30cm x D3cm. It was hard to tell any other characteristics. Is this a good deal? Thanks D
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    Hi Joe No worries. I appreciate you letting me know your decision. Thank you. Regards D
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    Workshop Storage Solutions - Pics Wanted

    Hi there Do you have any pics of your current setup? Thanks D
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    British Woodworking - Frugal woodworking.

    Hi Rob Your latest blog article made for interesting reading :) Regards D
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    Why I hate Woodowork - By James M

    After reading through the thread and without over analysing, these were my initial thoughts from personal experience: 1) Match the projects you work on to the space and tools that you have; 2) Assumming that buying a machine and using it in a productive always comes easily; 3) Spending money on...
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    I have received offers from two forum members although neither meet the asking price. At the moment this item is still available. Regards D
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    I am selling the following equipment: Triton Series 2000 Workcentre Triton 235MM Precision Power Saw Triton Router Table (RTA 300) Wheel Kit Height Adjuster Kit (which has never been used but believe all the parts to be there). The equipment has been used but is in good to very good condition...
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    I purchased this a few years ago and have only used it a few times (I probably have more fingers on one hand). I consider it to be in perfect working order and like new. It comes with case, instruction manual and dust collection bag. I am looking for £100 including p&p. Thanks D
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    Expanding Built-in Wardrobes

    It isn't structual is what I meant to say :oops: D
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    Expanding Built-in Wardrobes

    Yeah, it is structural, just something built into the room. It will need to be sliding doors for space reasons. I do like the ease of access to each area in your picture. I agree Mike that that there won't be a gain in space overall. However I think there is a gain on usable space i.e...
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    Expanding Built-in Wardrobes

    We have three rooms in our home each containing a built-in wardrobe. Due to growing children, we need to carry out some room shuffling and create extra space. Rather than buy (or heaven forbid make something), I would like to modify the built-in wardrobes so that the space contained can be...
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    The big 'R'

    Another edifying thread! D
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    Mitre slot

    Pete Don't you mean 90 degrees to the blade? Regards D
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    WiZeR's Workshop

    I think that is the a good first step for most people. It allows you to see and feel much more. It made me realise how few machines I really did have. Need to fix that soon :D