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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    I think I got the plans from Mr Schwartz
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    A quick stool I made from some scraps I had laying about.
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    What will happen to your tools when you die?

    I have over the years inherited all the tools from my Father, Grandfather and Great Uncle, All who were time served carpenters and shipwrights. These are all with my own tools being left to my daughter to deal with. Though have wondered about donating some of the stuff to one of those charities...
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    Head torch recommendations?

    Fenix are supposed to be really good, but should be at the price. For work we use the Unilite ones slightly cheaper but also very good. There is an outfit called Torchdirect, they have more torches than you could shake a stike at.
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    What woodworking did you do today?

    Nothing as at work, did sharpen my Pen knife, and then sharpened a pencil.
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    Record CL3 grub screw

    Think if you google the manual, should get an idea. remember that there are 2 grub screws in the pulley. Probably M6.
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    Finish for sycamore

    I've used the waterbased floor varnish. probably Ronseal. Good protection and as someone above said no change to the colour of the wood.
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    If the weather is nice. a trip by bus to either Brighlingsea or Mersea island is nice. Sit on the beach, ice creams and fish and chips. Plenty of boats etc to see and some nice walks.
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    Grandpa's revolver - reprise

    I have my grandparents, grandmother clock. Smaller than a grandfather clock and clock face is different. Was always used to store my grandfather's guns. You can see the marks on the inside from where they were leant.
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    Liogier hand stitched rasps

    I have some hand stitched rasps from workshop heaven. Have to say I really like using them and are much nicer to use than the machine ones I have.
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    Strong colour

    My kitchen was painted about 5 years ago. The orange isn't quite like, a 70's orange.
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    Strong colour

    I won't show the wife these pictures, as she has been muttering about repainting our kitchen units, and would like the colour. It would make a change from orange.
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    What have you been up to?

    I have removed antique architrave from mother in laws house before she has her sash windows changed, so it can be reused. Made an embroidery hoop stand for my daughter. Sorted out under stairs cupboard. Clear out my shed. Also carved a name board for a friend's beach hut. All last minute jobs...
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    Useful knots to learn.

    A Fireman's dobi hitch is a derogatory term on a ship for the knot a fireman uses to tie up his dobhi (laundry).
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    A couple of years is good for them to be the right size. I have twisted a couple of shoots together to get an interesting shape. Also prune them to get a lump on one end for a handle.
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    I have a Hazel in the garden. Some of the shoots are being trained for making walking sticks. People always seem to like them as gifts.
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    Useful knots to learn.

    The one that is missing is a Fireman's dobi hitch.
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    O-level woodwork challenge

    AndyT Finished on time and the important bit was I passed, with an A I believe.
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    O-level woodwork challenge

    That looks just like the exam piece I had for my o level in 1979.
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    O woe is me - I've just eaten the best meatballs ever...

    I didn't realise that there were specific recipes for meatballs. My meatballs are made from all the odd bits that get left in the freezer or fridge. One chicken breast, couple of sausages etc. Last ones had a pork chop, breast of pheasent some partridge legs and couple of rashers of bacon left...