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    For Sale Lathe & Vice from Workshop clear out

    Hello Peter thanks for the reply, have checked with my son not far from you but not what he wants sorry to waste your time
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    For Sale Lathe & Vice from Workshop clear out

    is the vice still available please ?
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    Router plate for a Triton 2400w router

    I have a Triton router table you could have but far away,South Coast !
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    Wolfcraft Universal wood dowelling set 3750/3751

    Hi, Just dugout the above jig but it doesn't do what I need at the moment,I have scanned the instructions and wondered if anyone had the jig without instructions.Is there an area to upload such stuff or do I include it in a post here ?. Rgds RW
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    Hello from West Sussex

    Hi, I'm New to the forum in West Sussex (UK) retired and have quite a bit of Triton woodworking equipment some of which is still boxed/unused which I now do not have room for. I have joined primarily to find a good home for my Triton equipment rather than attempt to use the well known online...