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    Stanley Bedrock 607

    Fabulous find, Dave. My Bedrock 607 cost me $110 from a local (Minnesota US) online site and that was an excellent price. You’re correct that any Stanley lever cap and blade/chip breaker combo will work okay. The plane’s wood parts, if original, are probably rosewood. Clean them with some light...
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    Okay. So what is this? A maul/dummy/mallet?

    Our mortar and pestle set resides in my work shop. I use it for grinding shellac flakes to make them dissolve a bit faster.
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    Making a brass infill plane (Hattori Hanzo, DP)

    Hattori — That’s an incredibly, beautiful piece of work. Even your storage case makes me want to redo the quick cases I made for a couple of sharpening stones. Guess I’ll have to redo them now after your inspirational work. Thank you very much for sharing.
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    Made in England Stanley #4

    The end results of both electrolysis and EvapoRust are the same in my opinion. Having tried both I prefer EvapoRust because it is simpler to use. I have a gallon jug of EvapoRust that I bought several years ago, have refurbished maybe 20 old planes and would not hesitate to use it for more rust...
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    Old hand saw buyers guide.

    You’ll get lots of suggestions on buying Disston D-8 series saws and they can be fine. Last year I picked up a Disston D-23 on the Bay and it turned out to be my regular crosscut user without any further tickering on my part. It was probably factory sharp and will do well for me while I’m...