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    Anyone used a radial arm saw for ripping lengths of timber

    Hi,Craig just read your message about wadkin bra do you still have the spare riving knife if so what are you asking and would you post to north London ,regards frank
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    Am I the only person depressed by the number of comments with gender or racial stereotypes in them?

    If this island is so bad why do do people from around the world come here, maybe because we are father feed them all, easy touch, our history is ours if you cannot accept that do not come here.
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    Wadkin Bursgreen BRS Fence

    Hi,I have one.
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    Sjobergs 1522 BS Professional Swedish Woodworkers bench

    Sorry forgot to say I,m frank
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    Sjobergs 1522 BS Professional Swedish Woodworkers bench

    Hi,what part of the uk are you
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    Jubilee graduate query

    Many thanks for that info, it's just that I have seen graduates with what looks like jubilee saddle and with different tail stock.
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    Jubilee graduate query

    Hi just a little query, does anyone know if the saddle and tail stock of a jubilee fit a graduate, the being made by the same company, any help would be great.
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    sanding discs

    hi,I need help finding a supplier local to london if possible,for 60 80 120 grit adhesive backed,;for a wadkin 16" sander,regards frank.
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    spindle moulder guard

    hi,theres spindle moulder pressure guards the complete kit,for £65+£10 postage brand new,scott and sargent want £200 for the same item,i have just got one myself,item number170564031162,hope this helps anyone looking for one,frank.
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    cooksley planer help

    hi,they are not knobs or handles for the rise and fall,its a tube like a tommy bar with two notches to slot over the pins,hope this helps frank.
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    wadkin baos 12"

    hi tim,it was all wired and working,but i think when i disconnected the messy stop switches,i must have pulled a wire that i should not have,as for the feed motor i never touched them,what i really need is a close up photo, of the top of the contactor,as i said in my post if i push the contactor...
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    Taping a thread in Ally

    hi,the easiest way is to fix the tap in the chuck,turn the chuck by hand whilst lowering the quill as you go,should be easy with ally,hope this helps frank.
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    wadkin baos 12"

    hi,chaps i do not know if bob is about or away, has anyone got a baos that has the original switch gear,that they could unscrew and do a close up photo or 2,from the top of the contactor,i hope someone can help,thanks frank.
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    wadkin baos 12"

    this is one for bob,i need your help, i have stripped some old stop switches from the wadkin,now she will not fire up unless with a screw driver push the magnetic block down,i think ive pulled a link out,should there be a link from the coil to the wire that goes to start switch,i have tried...
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    wadkin ber2 spindle

    hi jon,thats great just what i need,many thanks.
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    wadkin ber2 spindle

    hi bob,when i say across the flats thats from 1 side of the nut to the other,its massive,i did see one one ebay that was 46mm,£12 good idea about grinding down,cheers frank.
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    wadkin ber2 spindle

    hi jon,thanks that would be great,could you do a couple of close ups,cheers frank.
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    wadkin ber2 spindle

    hi chaps,just got a wadkin ber2 moulder,it came with no spanner or front guard,the the guard i can make,unless some one has one they do not use,the main thing is the spanner,the nut is 1 7/8" across,so would that be a whitworth or what,any direction as to where to get one,thanks frank.
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    DW 1251 RAS Replacing Yoke Track Bearings

    hi hugh,under the yoke is the clamp handle above that is a disc,the disc has notches and there you will see a little lug,get a screw driver under the disc and and prize down clear of the lug,you can the unscrew the king pin bolt,do not for get one of the bearings will have a set screw holding it...