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    chainsaw chains

    I have used this site for my chains for a while. They have always deliver quickly and are genuine chains. They are much cheaper than the local outlet.
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    Outlook Problems

    Hi Mark Have you got the latest office service pack installed. Sometimes this is a problem on exchange accounts
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    Windows 10

    I really like windows 10 it is an improvement on 8.1 which I also liked. I have it at home but clean installs and I find it quick and stable. I know of some upgrades where there have been problems with the menu system. We have upgraded 20 machines at work as well with no problems. Phil have you...
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    Help needed with Windows XP

    Hi If you have another machine you could download Kaspersky recue disk it is free. you can download it and create a disc that you boot off. The opeating system does not start Microsoft do one as well
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    My PC keeps blinking

    Does it happen when your mouse is hovering over the small vertical bar at the bottom right of the screen (the show desktop button)? if so this is due to Aero peek which is designed to do that You can turn it off if you do not like it ... windows-7/
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    Before I submit and buy a new PC. ...Help!

    Hi Sorry not sure if you fixed your problem but I have a registry fix that will enable all your .exe files to run. Malc
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    Yet another virus??

    There are always hoax emails going around like this. Just cut a bit of the wording out and google it Don't click on any links unless you know the source of the email
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    Another computer question

    Hi I have seen something like this before and the solution that worked was to go into device manager-find the entry for the DVD under DVD/CD-Roms and delete it by highlighting and pressing delete key. Then from the device manager toolbar choose action-Scan for hardware changes Malc
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    laptop advice sought

    I think Corel took over ulead. You could get a trial of Paintshop Photo Express 2010 to see if it has the same features. ... bview=tab1
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    laptop advice sought

    If Windows 7 Professional,Enterprise or Ultimate are installed on the laptop. I would keep Windows 7. You can run XP mode which installs Virtual XP a freebie from Microsoft. You can install on XP virtual mode then when you run the Apps they add them selves to the normal menu...
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    Links in MS Windows have changed

    Hi how about this Windows will remember the size of the last window open Open your link, don't use the maximise button but stretch the widow so you get the screen size you want close all your other IE windows then close the stretched one last. malc
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    Backing up data...

    I use windows home server for all back ups but use Microsofts free sync toy to copy data locally
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    DIY Tree Surgery - Pros & Cons

    Hi Chris I am having a tall Ash taken down at this moment. I did think about the DIY option but the risk was not worth it. I'm having it chopped and dropped for £325 Malc
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    Internet Explorer - Another security flaw

    Just in case you think Firefox is free from fault ... fox30.html The more people that use Firefox I'm sure the greater target it will become.
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    Windows automaticlly re-booting

    In Control Panel, Open the Security Center, Click Automatic updates and select the option Notify me but don't download or install them. This lets you see the updates and won't ask for the reboot until you install them Malc
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    Colour Laserjet? Printer Recommendations.....Help?

    Hi We bought a colour OKI C5750dn laser for printing leaflets a couple of years ago. It now resides in our loft. The problem we found was that on full coverage on a sheet the no of pages the toners printed was very low. It made the leaflets very expensive to do. Also to replace all the toners...
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    Windows Vista driving me nuts - again! Anyone help?

    I'm assuming you have tried with Zone Alarm turned off with no success? I had a problem with Bitdefender. I could not backup certain documents. I turned bitdefender off and still it did not work but then found that there where still 2 services running in task manager. Once I killed them off...
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    Windows Vista driving me nuts - again! Anyone help?

    Hi have you got network discovery turned on? ... d1033.mspx Also if you have a home network are the machines all in the same workgroup? I have Vista laptop mixed with XP works very well. Service pack 1 is about to be released which hopefully resolves...
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    Computer synchronisation

    Alan Try the synctoy I have used it between XP and Vista. If you start with a smaller file while you experiment it will give you the chance to see how it works
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    Computer synchronisation

    I would be interested to know the program that created the file. In perspective, I have 26000 pictures on my disk which comes to 30 gb. Malc