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    Making inlay DVD

    If you are into making your own inlay banding this DVD is the one. It explains all you need to know (you will need a table saw for the cross-cuts) explained in an easy to follow way and explains how to make bandings of your own design. It is in like new condition. I am looking for £25 incl...
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    Sold - Inlay bandings

    I have a selection of inlay bandings for which I have no further use, there are just over 100 pieces all 1 meter long plus a few short off-cuts (not pictured) and I would be looking for £45 incl. postage (Hermes courier) I have listed them now but at the moment I am slightly stuck as I live in...
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    Photo uploads

    How does one upload a photo with a new post? I have tried clicking on the 'photo' icon and I get the 'image ' in commas thing but it goes no further, what do I do next? Andy
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    Angle grinder blade????

    Can anybody tell me what's wrong with this? and is anybody going to buy one and stick it on an angle grinder? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Angle-Grinder ... Swr~lYoYO9 Andy.
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    Could somebody tell me what people to with the time they save by writing abbreviations instead of proper words? It's so frustrating when reading posts (also on other sites) and coming up against two, three or four letters where the op obviously knows what he's talking about but leaves the rest...
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    Battery power rating

    One of the batteries on my old Bosch drill is now kaput and I want to change it. I have seen some cheap replacements on ebay but the Ah rating is 2 whereas the rating on the old battery is 1.5Ah. What I want to know is would this be detrimental to the drill or is it ok to use the 2Ah battery...
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    Miniature pace-stick

    Is there anybody out there who could make one (three) of these and if so how much would they cost? they are about 30 / 40 cm high,
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    Pretend Rosewood

    I have to make a stand for the stick in the enclosed picture, it is a Rosewood colour (?) but I doubt it is real Roswood. What (readily available) timber would you recommend that would match this straight grained stick when stained? and which stain? This is a Walnut stand I made previosly...
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    Word of warning

    A friend saw a clock made using pencils and resin on y-tube and asked if I could make one for them, of course says I, they duly bought the pencils and the resin, after cutting the pencils into 40mm lengths, much experimenting and watching a couple of you tube videos I found the best way to line...
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    End grain cutting board

    Seen a few of these on youtube so thought I would make one,,,,with offcuts, all hardwood, finished with mineral oil and a final coat of mineral oil mixed with bees wax, rubber feet fixed with stainless screws, these stop it from moving and also allows air to circulate underneath. Dimensions are...
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    Wood identification help

    Has anybody out there seen this timber before and if so what is it? It has Tambootie written on it but after doing a search I don't think that's right. Click on the picture to enlarge it.
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    Finish for Oak dining table

    I need advice for the most suitable finish for an Oak dining table, something that would take a bit of heat if a hot bowl or plate is put on it, also able to withstand moisture (there are children present) Thanks. Andy
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    Osmo UV drying opaque

    Has any one had the experience of their Osmo UV protecting oil not drying clear, it has just happened to me and it was not applied thickly. The last time I used this it was a rich brown colour and it worked brilliantly on some Oak window shutters, opened the tin this time and it was a creamy...
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    Tool supplier

    If you haven't already seen them have a look at this place. http://www.chronos.ltd.uk/acatalog/Wood ... pment.html Andy
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    Removing water stains on sawn oak

    My neighbour built his Oak frame house about eight years ago and he has had some ingress of water around the porch and sun room, the water has left some ugly brown stains on the uprights. As with any other Oak framed house the Oak was green when used and has never had any finish applied. Any...
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    Food safe timber

    What would be a suitable timber to serve food on? these would be for use in a restaurant so would get frequent use and would have to handle being washed. Andy
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    East Midlands Woodworking & Powertool Show

    Posted this in the woodworking section but just in-case some of you don't look there.....Just a heads up . http://www.nelton.co.uk/midlands-woodwo ... -show.html Andy
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    East Midlands Woodworking & Powertool Show

    Just a heads up for the upcoming show. http://www.nelton.co.uk/midlands-woodwo ... -show.html Andy
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    Tea lights

    Just before Christmas Wilko had some coloured tealight holders which were not at all expensive (50 or 80p ea ?) so I bought forty with the intention of doing some for my craft fairs, had a go at a few yesterday and this is the result, lifts them out of the ordinary and turns a £5 piece of wood...
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    Couple of boxes

    Couple of recent boxes I made for people, 1 is American Black Walnut with Maple trays. I used one of Ian Hawthornes spring loaded catches, excellent bit of kit but you have to be very accurate when fitting, just push in the button and up pop's the lid, The second is Cherry with Anigre, Walnut...