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    Brand of plug and metal or plastic conduit?

    I'm a bit late to this, but in case it's still of help, I would: Run a length of 50x50 metal trunking around all the walls, ideally at say 1200mm above the floor (or if that's not practical then at eaves level, but you'll use more conduit). If at 1200 you can then mount metalclad sockets...
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    Screwfix catalogues disappear.

    Toolstation still have the paper catalogues and are often cheaper than Screwfix. When I visited Screwfix a few weeks ago the touchscreens were useless and the chap behind the counter found what i needed immediately by inputting the some search term as I had tried on the touchpad. He said the...
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    Steel Box Profile Roof on Log Cabin workshop

    Evening all. I am in the process of building a large log cabin workshop/store, and luckily managed to obtain a second-hand cabin. We had to dismantle it and in the process the roof wasn't salvageable, so now looking at roofing it. It's 8m x 5m (with a 0.5m overhang at the front), with a central...
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    Scheppach Metal Band Saw from Aldi

    Thanks for the review and interesting points. It certainly seems inexpensive, but if it doesn't do the job . . .
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    Scheppach Metal Band Saw from Aldi

    Does anyone have direct experience of this, and is it any good? It's on their Specials at the moment at £149.99:
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    Storage Crates

    Not exactly a Tool, so hope this is the right place to ask this! I'm looking for a storage system to accommodate larger items (larger than screws etc) and was looking at "Really Useful" type plastic crates. Really Useful Storage Boxes 20 litre to 42 Litre Advantages seem to be semi-clear (so...
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    New workshop build on pier foundations

    As you've got the piers in place, and a concrete slab would be practically quite difficult to do, I guess you could consider making the pier heights adjustable if you're worried about potential subsidence (or heave) of one or more. Either cut the top off the rod (or pier if you're stuck for...
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    Help please - "tool" gone "all sticky" outside

    I've had the same with Roadhawk dashcams, portable radios, Garmin satnav, remote controls, and others. Would really like to find a solution that works as they're all working fine, just you can't touch them!
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    Does anyone recognise this lathe model

    Thanks Paul, that confirms my thoughts. Do you, or anyone else, recognise the make and model, as a google for NCL 1000 doesn't seem to bring up anything specific, so I'm guessing that might not be the right model number.
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    Does anyone recognise this lathe model

    Hi everyone. I'm helping set up a Men's Shed project, for a small charity on a very limited budget, and we've been offered this lathe. I think the lady said it was an NCL1000, but that may not be exactly right. She says it is variable speed with a 3Hp single phase motor and weighs 90kg. There...
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    New Workshop Build - Advice and opinions welcome!

    I am planning to use coated steel box profile roofing sheets with insulation pre-bonded to them. Ridge is a coated steel apex ridge and gable ends are 90 degree coated steel pieces. Not cheap, but simple to install and as it is very rigid from ridge to eaves requires a lot less timber support...
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    Securing your workshop

    If you have a remote location with no phone line/internet then an Ajax wireless alarm is a good option. It can take a network agnostic SIM card for alerts to a smartphone, and can be run off am optional internal battery pack, or am external car battery. Better to stop them getting in in the...
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    Track Saw

    BHwoodworking, why do you say "avoid Dewalt"?
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    Planning Permission - any cautionary tales of woe and despondency?

    Of course if you do go for planning and it is refused for some reason, then that doesn't stop you erecting something that comes under Permitted Development, provided PD rights haven't been rescinded on your property at some point in the past (as can happen as a condition of previous planning...
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    Planning Permission - any cautionary tales of woe and despondency?

    A word of caution regarding timescales. Although the statutory limit is 8 weeks, that is from the time the application is "accepted". With many planning departments being extremely overstretched at the moment some seem to have developed a policy of trying todelay acceptance by tying to find...
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    Pushfit soil pipe as dust extraction

    Forgive my ignorance, but what is the difference in diameter between this and the PVC soil pipe "solvent weld" system, and the off-the-shelf extract accessories such as blast gates?
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    Pushfit soil pipe as dust extraction

    I was thinking that using the solvent weld soil pipe socket fittings, and just pushing together without glue would seem to provide a pretty good seal/fit rather than the rubber gasketed "push-fit" system. I guess you could also PTFE tape around the joints if necessary, allowing them to be easily...
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    I've used Ovia OV73301CW 30w 600x600mm LED Panels (4000K). They were recently on special offer from a local electrical wholesaler at £19.95 +vat each. The panels are only about 10mm thick, with a separate driver (the size of an electronic lighting transformer...
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    Pushfit soil pipe as dust extraction

    Would look great edge-lit with blue LED though :cool:
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    Pushfit soil pipe as dust extraction

    Thanks, but at c£50/m I think I may give clear a miss!