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  1. Rich

    Ferroli c/lh boiler

    There is a lighting sequence to be followed, 1st depress the gas valve on the pilot setting, press the igniter, if no gas comes through then the probliem lies NOT with the thermo but the gas valve itself, the therm merely proves that the gas valve is open and a flame is present, are you sure the...
  2. Rich

    why "off"?

    As an interesting aside to the above, according to Websters dictionary of phrase and fable, to " do off ones hat, and to do on ones hat has been shortened over the years to DOFF and DON, useless info, but of some interest. Rich.
  3. Rich

    Pope's Visit - cost

    Well, I thought I did the right thing, after being admonished for discussing politics and religion in the "off topic" section, I joined a debating forum whereby I could debate to my hearts content, after such a long absence, I see nothing has changed. Rich.
  4. Rich

    cutting rockwool/glasswool insulation

    I use wallpaper hanging scissors. Rich.
  5. Rich


    I know when I have PM's, when I click on "forums" I get a cuckoo sound to tell me I have a new message Rich.
  6. Rich

    I would like to look at your workshop

    Please come along, Alan, the kettle is always on and you could fine tune my bandsaw at the same time. :D Rich.
  7. Rich

    A sad day.....

    It must be so tough for the folks there, life is hard enough as it is, but the lilt of the locals brought back memories of me MUM. Rich.
  8. Rich

    Which other forums?

    Now I'm not whingeing before anyone says otherwise, but after being villified for speaking about politics, I joined the UKdebate site, I have made many friends and there is even a cellar facility if you want to go one to one and get up close, all in all I'd give it 9/10, especially for the...
  9. Rich

    New Mallet for Ironballs - Part 2 - handle manuf wip shots

    I was most inspired by what I have seen as I am a keen bowler myself, however, not possessing any stock large enough, I decided to make my own effort from beech and mahogany offcuts, which I glued and laminated together, unfortunately, I did not get my camera back until late yesterday evening...
  10. Rich

    In Aldi this week...

    I have never yet met anyone who DID. Rich. :shock:
  11. Rich

    What happened to...?

    Thanks for the reply, Woodmagnet, (Kevin) I have been off work with severe sciatica, (2 displaced discs) since mid march, I am recieving SSP at present and things are not easy, my laptop packed up and I borrow my youngest lads when he is willing to let me, hence my not being on the forum...
  12. Rich

    What happened to...?

    Don't worry folks, I'm still about, just, but you can't get rid of a bad penny that easily. :lol: :lol: :lol: Rich.
  13. Rich


    Well I, for one, would certainly like a table as nice looking as that one, well done that man. :) Rich.
  14. Rich

    Thoughts on electric vehicles?

    I am sure that if push came to shove between governments, car manufacturers and fuel producers a much more efficient method of moving a vehicle in a forward motion could be found, the will is not there, the financial incentive is not there, and too many people who make important decisions about...
  15. Rich

    Made me smile

    I was going to add that that was a bit tongue in cheek but then thought better of it out of good manners. :shock: :lol: There, I've gone and said it anyway, silly ass. :oops: Rich.
  16. Rich

    Workbench Build - Update 10/7 - Draw fronts complete

    And I thought I had done well, very good Simon and a pleasure to see recycling, thanks for the eduation. Rich.
  17. Rich

    Jigsaw problems

    I was advised by a visiting Bosch rep at work that it is Bosch green for DIYers but Bosch blue for professionals and tradesmen, the difference is very noticeable apparently, so is the price, I thought to myself :shock: Rich.
  18. Rich

    fathers day pressie

    I don't care if it was created yesterday, I DO like recieving presents. :wink: :lol: Rich.
  19. Rich

    Pallet timber tip

    Most of the pallets at work are a mixed bag, but, I salvaged some decent lengths of beech for future use, I made the fence in my garden from pallets, I left the slats rough for the rustic look, it saved me money and someone else for having to travel and dispose of them. A lick of stained...
  20. Rich

    Drill Guide

    How about an Auger in a hand brace, slowly does, it with an engineers square clamped next to the intended dog hole. Rich.