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    Domino 700

    I bought the 700 and while it is an amazing machine I sometimes wish I had bought the 500 just because the 700 is a bit of a monster. The obvious answer is to have both but for me buying one was an extravagance! I have the adapter to use the smaller cutters and it's fine but it does feel like a...
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    Condensation....I never knew you

    I had a heartbreaking moment yesterday when I went into the workshop for the first time in a few days only to find my new bandsaw and lathe covered in rust. I have used camelia oil and renaissance wax on both machines and it clearly wasn't up to the task. My workshop is pretty big, stone-built...
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    PIV loft mounted units

    Yes, I managed to run pipes to every room in the house. Extracts in the bathrooms, kitchen and laundry and vents to all other rooms. I bought a £30 anemometer and made a contraption to measure flow at each vent. This made it easy to balance the vent vs extract of air and to provide the correct...
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    PIV loft mounted units

    We live in an old stone-built house which we moved into about 2 years ago. The first winter we were here we had such extreme levels of damp and condensation (leading to lots of mould) that I decided to do something about it. I fitted a MVHR system and can honestly say that it's THE BEST money I...
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    Is your iMac or Macbook getting long in the tooth ?

    I'm on a 2017 iMac i5 with a fusion drive. What a downgrade that was from my 2009 iMac! Seriously, it was so utterly useless that I sent it back thinking it must be faulty. The replacement was every bit as slow. To this day I don't know why I kept it but I did. Since then I have taken the HDD...
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    I’ve heard of inflation but this is ridiculous.

    I noticed lots of price hikes in the new Axminster catalogue. A table saw I had had my eye on was £1600, now £2000!! Their AT406 lathe has gone up substantially too, glad I got some machines bought in July/August. Hand tool prices (LN, Veritas etc) have also had a bump. I remember a few years...
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    advice on neighbours smoke from chimney issue

    Some good advice here. I would just add, keep a diary/log of when it happens and how bad it is on that day. EH like to see evidence of a pattern. It’s much more powerful than just telling them “it happens all the time” or “a couple of times a week “ etc. If you have times and dates etc EH can...
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    Is anyone using cnc

    Sorry mate, we've been without internet for a bit, Vodafone broadband - never again!! but that's another story! I have 4x Nema 23 steppers (dual drives on the Y axis), Hiwin linear rails, aluminium profiles (80x80, 40x160, 40x80) for the frame and a 2.2kw water-cooled spindle. I just need to...
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    Security cameras

    I bought Hikvision cameras too (although not this model, mine are the 4MP bullet style cameras) and they have been great for more than 4 years now. I record to a Synology Diskstation, again faultless for 5 years+. I've installed two systems for friends; one was a Ubiqiti system which, after some...
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    FTAGH - miscellaneous items - All Gone Now

    I just want to say a huge thank you to Trevor. The augers arrived safely yesterday, they were very well packed and they are great! (y)(y)(y) I'll be putting them to work this week and ensuring that the RNLI get an extra donation this month. Cheers :D
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    Is anyone using cnc

    I have accumulated most of the parts to build my own CNC router. I have been finalising the design for a couple of years now! When lockdown hit I thought I'd have the perfect opportunity to finally get around to building it... guess how that worked out! :) Hopefully, over the winter I'll be...
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    FTAGH - miscellaneous items - All Gone Now

    Hi Trevor, I would love the augers please. I’ll send you a PM. The RNLI is my charity of choice, hope that’s ok 👍
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    Axminster discount

    Mmm, I agree to some extent but I have contacted three other suppliers with a list of my requirements and they all offered some discount or offered to throw in extras. If you want to just buy something and get it delivered, end of story then I think internet shopping is fine but with something...
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    Axminster discount

    I have fallen out with Axminster too. I have bought from them for almost 25 years and used to find them great to deal with. You could ring up and have a chat with someone who really knew their products, usually negotiate a bit of a discount and know that if there was a problem it would be dealt...
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    Angle grinder buying advice

    +1 I’ve had mine a few years now and it’s still as good as new. It operates very smoothly (well, as smoothly as an angle grinder can) and is very comfortable in the hands. I also have a Makita and a Hitachi but I always reach for the Metabo first.
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    AT406 Or Record Envoy/Regent

    Hi, Just wondering if you made a decision on which lathe to buy and if so, are you happy with it. I'm looking at the same lathes and can't decide which way to jump. :?
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    Jet Bandsaw Motor Not Spinning Freely

    I like your thinking, thank you :) Yes, the motor has a pivot to remove tension from the belt. It has a pivot bolt at one side and a clamp lever at the other to allow relatively quick tension changes. The manual makes no mention of doing this for tracking etc but it does seem logical.
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    Jet Bandsaw Motor Not Spinning Freely

    Hi all, I took delivery of my new (to me) Jet bandsaw yesterday and had to strip off some of the heavier lumps in order to be able to lug it into the workshop. When I took off the motor I noticed that the motor spindle doesn’t spin freely. As far as I can remember all my previous machinery’s...
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    Cordless brad nailer...which one?

    I too have the DeWalt and have used it for a couple of years. It has been really good and there's no way I'd ever go back to lugging air lines and a compressor around. I also have the DeWalt framing nailer and I love that too. I bought the brad nailer when doing a barn conversion and it was a...