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    Khan's ULEZ scam >road charging

    Cobalt is used in lots of things, includes ICE vehicles, so yes, let’s ban then. as has been pointed out, London has, compared to the rest of the UK, a first class public transport system. No one seems to object to the congestion charge these days so eventually ULEZ will become acceptable as...
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    Axminster closing Nuneaton store

    I went Saturday to buy a machine. Cant beat seeing it, talking about it and being shown what’s what. Can’t do that mail order. charnwood look like they may now get my custom but shame never the less.
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    Evolution Rage5s Mitre Angle

    Sorry if this has been answered already - quick search of articles showed plenty about the machine but not the issue I have. I am trying to do a mitre. A 45degree one would be good. Having set the blade it’s only about 43 degrees. There is an end stop that I have removed completely but I cannot...
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    Evolution table saw

    Thanks Stuart64, saved me a lot of work. I too was looking to the Rage 5s and saw the R255PTS as a more cost effective (cheaper) solution. The info you got from Evolution has saved me buying, what I would consider to be, a disappointing alternative. Glad to say I have bought my 5-S and part way...
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    HC-260 Uneven planing

    Thanks Alli. I will give that a try and let you know how I get on.
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    HC-260 Uneven planing

    Hi all, I have an Electra Beckum HC260 which I inherited some 30+ years ago. Having progressed from making sawdust and shavings I decided to join two boards together. Easy Peasy. Just plane the edges square, glue, clamp done. So here’s the problem. Having planed the thin edge, I placed on a...
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    Did you see the report that boilers sales are to stop 2025

    It’s interesting how much electricity is now renewable. I did read an article a week or two back about converting to hydrogen gas. We can use excess electricity to generate hydrogen...
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    Electra Beckum HC260 - keeps blowing fuses!

    I had exactly the same. The power draw was so high, if the fuse didn’t blow first time it would blow second or if lucky, 3rd time. Never any longer. I ran a separate 16A spur to it and never had a problem since.
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    Axminster Customer Service

    I see the emails from Axminster contain an unsubscribe link as well as a link to set marketing preferences, As someone that often engages with IASME to get clients certified for Cyber Essentials, I don’t consider Axminster emails to be spam or in contravention of the current regs regarding...