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    Cheapo Pipe Clamps

    Slight bending is ok, but I am a little bit confused with word malleable in the description of these pipes. Does malleable in this case mean you can bend them into shape as you wish, in which case they probably aren't any good for clamping.
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    Cheapo Pipe Clamps

    Also, in terms of pipes, I found something like this for £6 per meter: ... p143851235 Would something like this be appropriate? I am not sure about 'malleable' part. Does it mean they would bend under pressure?
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    Cheapo Pipe Clamps

    I was wondering if someone has experience with these? I am talking the pipe clamps that sell for around £7.50 on eBay and Amazon. Somewhere they are called KingSaid, mostly with no name. I am aware of possibility to get Bessey for around £15, but if there are people among you who don't have...
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    Bowed Bellied Chisels

    No, I mean, the way I was to try to do that was to press hard down close to the tip. Would this not work?
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    Bowed Bellied Chisels

    How can I lap last half an inch if not using single point of pressure on the very top?
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    Bowed Bellied Chisels

    Here ithe picture of the chisels in question. I also tried to capture where the main problem is, you will see that there is convex banana tuning along the full length of the chisel
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    Bowed Bellied Chisels

    Thank you for replies. I haven't yet tried them to be honest. I will maybe try to apply pressure at the tip only and see if I can polish it. I have some experience with other chisels whose backs I couldn't polish due to bellies, which just never seemed sharp enough for sculpting sort of work...
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    Bowed Bellied Chisels

    I have got three of my old Marples Bevel Edged chisels with significant bellies, rather a bow on the full length, 1/4", 5/8" and 3/4". It seems quite impossible to flatten these. I have been trying to flatten them with sand paper on glass, but I don't think I made any progress with them after...
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    So, do most of you use sketch up for your designs?

    Is there any program that is considered as an industry standard? I am considering idea to do seek employment in furniture industry, so I am wondering if there is a program that is widely used. Now that there is time on our hands, which program should I try to learn, Autocad, Scetchup, or...
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    Buying wood during the pandemic?

    I can recommend wood database website. It has great articles, plus great searchable database that will help you identify the wood you will have in your hands, with good information of that woods working properties. For example, recently I found some piece of furniture that looked like it could...
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    Any-one ever import rough sawn lumber?

    I have been thinking about this recently. I was shocked to find out that someone got 50 euros for a whole log of 60/70 year old walnut in my home country. I then browsed on local woodworking forums to check the general price of timber. And sure enough, walnut logs can be had for around 100£. Oak...
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    Online Sellers

    I am looking basically for a few 1x8's for some smaller projects. Redwood is definitely something I like. I will check Wickes. Otherwise, I am in Watford. One local timber yard I tried today say they are closed for business, another one is only dealing with existing orders.
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    Online Sellers

    Can anyone recommend any good online timber merchants? Could be eBay sellers. I am looking for affordable hardwoods, or slow growth softwoods. Thanks.
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    Hand carving

    It seems that Mary May has a very good course on her website, maybe the best. It has a free section for beginners.
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    Strange Lapping Results

    The chisel appeared to have a twist to start with. That's why it took that long.
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    Strange Lapping Results

    Hi, I was flattening the back of an old 1″ Marples chisel. I first did it on 80 grit sand paper on thick glass. After about an hour it was done. Then onto 120 sand paper. But when I moved to EZE lap 240 stone, it seemed like it was abraiding the belly only, as if though I haven’t already...
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    Rasp set

    What do you guys think of 'European top quality' hand stitched rasps that are being sold on eBay? Has anyone tried them yet? They are a fraction of the cost of Auriou or Liogier.
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    Workshop closure

    Hi, I am interested in Veritas card scrapers and burnisher. Also, I would also like to know which Ariou rasps are they. Thanks
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    5 1/2 Jack and Low Angle Jack Planes

    Thanks Vann, So you think mine is am early English Stanley?