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    Not sure what to make of this?

    That's nice =D>
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    Working on my own drains.

    I think I'd probably patch with a new piece of pipe with a connector at each end rather than any rubber or jubilee clips. Don't know about regs tho'.
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    Woodworking n00b

    Welcome jennifer. You have 2 things in common with everyone on here - we were all new to woodworking and new to the forum at some (highly variable :) ) point.
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    Central heating noise

    Have you tried bleeding the highest radiator when the system's been off for a few hours? Or, even better, bleed every radiator when the system's been off. This gives the air time to rise to the bleed screws - which it can't do when the pump's running. remember you may then have to top the...
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    Claro Walnut & Holly dns Twister pen

    Nice shape, lovely job.
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    pen blank drilling

    Oh and yes, some woods are worse, far worse, than others.
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    pen blank drilling

    I think you might need some new drill bits, or sharpen the ones you have - including the threads, not just the tip.
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    pen blank drilling

    Normally sticking is when the drill doesn't clear itself, and the sawdust builds up and jams it/cooks it. When you withhdraw the bit are all the cutting threads clean ?
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    Thanks Charley, Noel and Chas

    Thanks for the efforts. It seems to have sparked a posting frenzy tho', - 27 pages of "new posts", since yesterday pm. :shock:
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    wireless modem v windows 7

    Not really much help, but I'm typing this on W7 notebook and WiFi, Ijust, kinda, turned them both on. WiFi first :)
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    Critique required-Piece No1.

    Wrong tense Gnu, he was,doing very well etc. Look at the post date. The whole post date :D
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    Debonding CA glue for pen blanks

    I've had wood split with the exothermic reaction when using CA to bond the tubes in. I've never had it happen with PU glue. (Apart from splits when turning obviously dodgy timber).
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    Debonding CA glue for pen blanks

    What glue are you using?
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    Double Glazing.

    Between our triple glazed units it's carbon fibre. (and gassed with argon).
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    Debonding CA glue for pen blanks

    Buying spare tubes will be cheaper than buying debonder. I don't know about re-using the blank, I just use the other half to make a duo style pen if there's an un-retrievable split.
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    Drilling pen blanks in the lathe - problem

    +3. Minimum speed (500 ish) plus frequent withdrawing to clear the bit.
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    Smith and Rodger

    Having just had new windows fitted (triple glazed, argon filled, carbon fibre infills) I decided to finish the wood trims off with hard wax oil. I booked a day off work to do it and discovered, the day before that I'd only got the dregs of a tin left - duuuuh :oops: An on-line order to Smith...
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    Router bit sets ?

    I've got Tornado bits (as well as others) and I've never had a problem with the Tornado one's. Haven't destroyed one yet, and I tend to take bigger bites than recommended (yeh, I know, no patience :? )
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    We will remember them..

    Yep. I was at our Memorial, with two of my CG team (plus the Piper, the Colours, the local Legion, etc.), on Thursday. I'll be there with my full team ( plus 2 pipe bands, a cadre of RAF cadets, the local Legion, the Brownies, Guides, Boys Brigade, Ambulance Service, Police, etc.etc.) tomorrow...
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    Rubber for a template?...

    Sudden thought, "let google be your friend". ... pply+Repai