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    Finger Belt Sander

    It's one of those tools that from time to time I think would be useful. That thought has just now happened once too often and a finger sander now needs to be purchased. But which one? I don't want cheap & cheerful, something mid range plus? It's not that I'm going to use it too much, I just...
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    Nitromors and Gloves

    Can anyone recommend protective gloves that will not end up stretching and eventually falling apart when using Nitromors? Cheers
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    Circular vs square

    I’m talking about palm sanders here. Is there any difference/advantage/disadvantage between using a palm sander with a circular disc as opposed to a square cut? Cheers
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    Ready Mixed Red Mortar Patch/Pointing Repair

    Any ideas please? I know I can mix up mortar with cement dye, but I just wondered if there is a ready mixed option in red that I can use and then keep in my armoury. For example, I've got a screw that has pulled out of a soft red brick that's taken a bit of brick with it. I just want to fill...
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    What is a cubic metre?

    I think it is 1m x 1m x 1m. I have had 5 cubic metres of topsoil delivered in 5 bags measuring 80cm x 80cm x 80cm. How is that possible?
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    Spray Painting Glass

    I need to spray paint a sheet of glass 4' x 4'. The glass will serve as a table top with the painted side underneath. Has anyone done something similar and if so, what spray paint did you use? Cheers
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    Osmo UV Protection Oil Cleanup

    The instructions state use Osmo cleaner to clean up. Can anyone tell me what this is please? Is it just a "buy me" by Osmo, or is there something off the shelf I can use, eg white spirit or the like? Cheers
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    Acrylic vs Emulsion

    I've just had a decorator in who has "emulsioned" our walls & ceilings with acrylic paint. Obviously it's water based and has turned out really nice, no problems there. But is acrylic now the new paint on the block replacing emulsion? I couldn't get an answer from the decorator other than...
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    Paint Storage Jars/Tins

    What would you recommend for storing paint? For example, I have 4 litres left over of oil based matt that I want to keep, but the lip of the tin is all bashed up. 1 litre containers would be fine, but obviously have to be for purpose and not food containers (yes, I have searched). I think I...
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    Morso F Guillotine

    I've just received some estimates for picture frames. :shock: I have a few pictures to do and am wondering whether to do it myself using a guillotine? I've looked at the Morso F and they are £2000+, clearly too much for me. But second hand they seem to range from £300-£900 on eBay. Can...
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    What type of screw is this please?

    I've just painted a load of doors and thought it best to remove the door handles. I have of course mislaid a lot of the screws! Can someone tell me what the name of this type of screw is please?
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    Cutting Threads

    I've built a new front door and now I want to fix the original door knocker, but I have a problem. The bolt welded to the knocker extended all the way through the old door secured by an ugly nut on the inside. Not nice. So what I wanted to do was cut the bolt down, embed an insert in the front...
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    Undercoat or Topcoat

    I need some advice please. We've just finished making a new front door and primed it with Zinsser Bin 123 primer. I've used this for years with great success on new wood. However, I realise that I have then always over coated this with white undercoat and topcoat. The thing with the door is...
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    How long in a queue?

    First of all, I hate supermarket shopping at the best of times. When I do have to go I will buy a family pack of loo rolls and “packs” of other essentials simply to reduce the number of times I have to visit these places again. Is that hoarding? Apologies if it is, but it never created a run as...
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    Bin collection

    Is this going to be a problem as it seems to be the case here?
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    Dewalt 20v body using 18v battery

    If I buy a Dewalt 20v bare unit from the USA, will it work with my UK 18v batteries? Cheers
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    Staining sapele

    I’m putting in a new front doorstep in sapele. Now to go with the rest of the decor it needs to be black, at least satin and maybe gloss. What stain/paint should I use for this? Cheers
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    Wet Wood & Coal

    Does anybody still burn this stuff? I thought coal had pretty much been replaced by the smokeless manufactured stuff. But then I'm a townie who burns the manufactured stuff and dry wood that I have to buy. Just wondering.
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    Gluing Foamboard

    I am setting up a number of model railway tables. I've made them out of ply. The next stage is to stick foam board to the surface and I am wondering the best glue to use. It needs to be spreadable, the largest table is 1200x600, preferably allowing a bit of wiggle time and it cannot be too wet...
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    Tidying up cables

    I need to get this mess tidied up, Sitting on the hallway table I have: 1. BT Router 2. Apple Air Backup box 3. Hive network box 4. 3 Mobile box 5. SSE Smart Meter 6. Table lamp 7. Landline telephone 8. Remote control for door curtain So that's an 8 gang extension plus one more...