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  1. tenpin

    Please help, urgent

    :lol: me and the missus just got ourselves an allotment She said whilst on the waiting list she would love to grow Asparagus which i agreed as we both like First day of clearing from previos tennant and she comes home with a bucket of "What's this ??, i just dug up" Queue Rene from Allo Allo...
  2. tenpin

    Old Threads

    Can't see a problem in re-opening old threads it could be that some newer members may have not read that particular thread and whats better, 1 re-opened thread covering the question or numerous questions from different people which could be answered by that thread in other forums i'm on if...
  3. tenpin

    Your best bargain buy.

    had 2 real bargains tool wise 3 x Big Triton Routers from B&Q when they were going through their clearouts Already had 1 in the router table Sold 2 on ebay to fund Dewalt chop saw and still got one boxed for a spare £40 each 8) . . Also got 2 x Hitachi 14.4v Impact Drivers for £49 each 8)...
  4. tenpin

    New Yankee Workshop on-line

    Norm was the whole reason for me getting into this lark...and i miss his voice on Discovery channel everytime i turn Sky on i goto Disco Shed just to make sure an episode of New Yankee hasn't slipped through and everytime i get dissapointed he's not there I have managed to collect about 100+...
  5. tenpin

    Bosch 18v Circular saw @ Screwfix

    a mate of mine saw this a went to get one it lists 2.0ah batteries but when he got home the unit supplied was with 2 x 2.6 HD batteries 8) don't know whether this is listed wrong on the website or...
  6. tenpin

    Lidl 14th Jan

    i have the worklight from the last time it was on special brilliant bit of kit and great clean light from it there are 3 bulbs and you can switch to have different combinations of 1,2 or all 3 bulbs lit been using for nearly 12 months and dropped a coule times but still on same bulbs as supplied
  7. tenpin

    Hip Replacement

    Don't want to be a downer but my FIL had his done about 5 years ago Surgeon botched it and he had massive MRSA infection caught from the rehabilitation unit in MK He ended up spending 11 months in Nuffield bone unit in Oxford and is in a wheelchair ever since My advice, like taking on a...
  8. tenpin


    Had a damp water penetration problem Solved it using Soverign Chemicals Hey'di K11 It's a micro powder wen mixed with SBR ( Like a high strenth PVA ) makes a slurry which you paint direct to the wall They use it for sub ground and basements etc Heres a link to a pdf of the product on the...
  9. tenpin

    Wickes sprirt levels

    just popped into wickes today to pick up some 4x2 and came across these well, similar to these, these are the standard levels but they hand the i beam type with the dual view vial, like they were advertising on the telly not so long ago...
  10. tenpin

    Fox router table on offer

    iv'e also got the Ryobi version of this table Also agree that the fence is a beeatch to set up but i do like the sliding table and works great with the big Triton router as no exstensions are required
  11. tenpin

    The BIG shed project - Part 1 Foundations

    Hi Greenboy i'm currently doing the same thing since Sept last year i have been building a 7m x 4m twin block skin hip roofed workshop...well started off as plans for a gym/out building but SWMBO is feeling sorry for me so looks like it will be mine...all mine..mine i tell you :shock: :shock...
  12. tenpin

    Toolstation Vs Screwfix

    Funny you should say that as the guy who sold srewfix then started (After a while) Toolstation...(Goddard-Watts) He also owns Silverline so that's where allot of their stuff comes from and why it can be cheaper
  13. tenpin

    Taking a Gamble

    How much was it you paid :whistle: :whistle: \:D/ One in the router table and one for handheld
  14. tenpin

    Triton in the UK - problems?

    I was in Yandles lunchtime picking up some Maple and they had a TRB in stock...i beleive th price was £175
  15. tenpin


    TB3 also has a longer open time always handy when you are gluing up complex or lots of joints at a time. i use TB2 and TB3 dependant on what particualr project i'm on Nick
  16. tenpin

    W/Wook Demo's and sale @ Yandles

    Just saw this in the local paper so went to the website 6/7/8 Nov Demo days It says in the paper about discount on wood also for the saturday... \:D/
  17. tenpin

    Lidl next thursday

    i got these from the last offer plug my Record extractor into a treat \:D/
  18. tenpin

    Coffin Design and Construction?

    correct, i have that copy and it also came with a full set of plans to build one
  19. tenpin

    Chestnut Melamine Lacquer

    Star man Philly, Thanks i was told to 50/50 first coat 70/30 second coat and neat 3rd coat...maybe i should thin the final a bit :oops: :oops: iv'e also been using 0000 steel wool to polish but not really the finish i would like...i'll try your formula this weekend \:D/ i'll get this...
  20. tenpin

    Chestnut Melamine Lacquer

    Hi Guys i'm currently finishing my Maple kitchen with Melamine Lacquer recommeneded to me by Philly and have noticed something i'm hoping someone can offer advice on i started using the Melamine gloss lacquer in a 400ml aerosol :shock: :shock: how many is that going to take i asked...