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    Axminister Basingstoke 35% off everything

    I have the same sander and it is good
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    Wanted Felder Hammer A3 31 planer thicknesser

    Out of interest what is the Disney m different route your considering?
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    Woodworking courses

    Hi all, I am thinking about doing a course on furniture design or something to try to get me back into making and was wondering how many people attended courses either specific like veneering or chair making to learn new skills or just do them from own workshop.
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    Withdrawn Hammer A3 31 planer thicknesser

    Hi, how far does this project out the back? Thanks
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    Sold Couple of tenon saws. Lie Nielsen & Veritas

    Are these still available?
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    Sold Arbortech carver. ****SOLD****

    Hi, interested in this will pm you
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    Sold Fine Woodworking magazines

    Hi, I saw these are now sold I was wondering who might have good them and if they would have a few available for some projects ideas/inspiration. Thanks Sam
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    Sold Fine Woodworking magazines

    Are you looking to split at all? I would be interested in some for project inspiration and can collect
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    Sold Workshop Downsizing - 2" Walnut Slabs

    Hi, how flat are the boards? Thanks Sam
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    Withdrawn Veritas 24" Straight Edge

    4 years later?
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    Sold SOLD.

    Sent a pm
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    Sold SOLD.

    Interested in the a3-31 as well depending on price
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    For Sale CNC Router - Self-Build Components

    Great collection of components, if you split it I would be interested in some parts. As a minor observation you wouldn't want to use 4 transformers to power the stepper drivers, better to use a single regulate 80v dc PSU. I couldn't see if the components and the stepper drivers are ac/dc...
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    For Sale Slightly used iTech 260s

    Hi, I'm interested but it's a shame they have gone up so much in April they were around £1300, they look like for machines how come you are selling it? Thanks Sam
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    FTAGH Festool Systainer

    Also interested :)
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    Sold Workshop Electronic Paraffin Heater + Jerry Can + Paraffin

    How does it compare to eclectic heaters?
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    Sold Evolution ST2800 2.8m Guide Rail Package - Brand New

    Maybe it's not the whopping 1p cheaper or warrantee but the convenience of a local Screwfix or delivery included with Amazon. Maybe put your post code and someone very local might be of interest.
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    For Sale Trend Airshield Pro

    Hi did you sell in the end?
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    Sold Record Power Sabre 450 Bandsaw.

    Interested in what Felder and hammer stuff might be coming up