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    Would you use pocket screws or not.

    As long as the6 are not going to be seen why not. Made most of my workshop cabinets using pocket hole screws and glue.
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    Mounting Titan (Scheppach/Zipper) Planer Thicknesser Upside Down

    Lots of these flip top designs on You Tube. Take your pick.
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    Beginner router table

    Make your own - lots of videos on Tube if you need any ideas.
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    Record Power air filters

    Great filter apart from the ridiculously short power cable!
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    Wood working mask recommendation This is the one I use.
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    Thinking of new Disc Sander

    I have the 12” lumberjack and can confirm the table is alloy, still weighs a tonne though. Not really used it yet as I only bought it because it was £50 off on a show room display model and they are local so no postage. I will say though the machine comes with a 60 sanding disc which I think...
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    Raised decking

    Attach a stringer beam to the house wall using through bolts. will need at least two strings of bearers held up by 4x4 posts or larger. Then you can run beams across the bearers and main beam spaced at 18” intervals or longer if using hardwood decking. If the patio is on solid ground and not...
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    FTG flat top grind circular saw blades Doug will sort you out with what ever you want.
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    Better call Saul, plus the prequel of that Breaking Bad, so many to choose from really. Currently Ozark is great. Shame some of the other great box sets are not on Netflix like The Wire and Soprano’s.
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    Best 6" Random Orbital Sander or should I get a forced rotation (geared) Sander?

    There must be a problem with your sander as I have the 125mm version and I find the turbo mode is a beast. From what I understand it’s a geared sander same as the Rotex.
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    which Router

    Triton big beast or even the slightly smaller MOF version.
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    Retrofit insulation

    Just use foil backed insulation like kingsman, that will be your vapour barrier. Leave a gap between your wall and the insulation sheets by battening out. And make sure you cover any thermal bridges with aluminium tape. What you want to do is stop moisture from inside getting to your rafters...
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    Electric vehicles - again

    Just ordered a new Peugeot e 208 for the missus and quite looking forward to its arrival. Need to sort out a EV charger but not sure i will manage it before the govt grant comes to an end - so much for the Torys green credentials 🙄
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    Has anyone had issues with

    Ordered the rail square and dogs in the past and nothing but top quality.
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    Just SAW this on youtube.....

    What a moron.
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    Drilling glass
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    Mitre station stop blocks

    Have a look at Rag n Bone Brown on YouTube will give you some ideas with what he did with his mitre station. Re having a permanent raised stop block in your top will mean you lose the use of that section of top compared to the T- track routed into your top.
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    I love being retired.

    Took redundancy last month after 33 years at the same company, hated the last 18 months with all the working at home rubbish. Got to admit feel like a new person, re-energised going to finally train properly to run a sub 1.45 half marathon, grow exotic plants from seed, travel the world without...
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    Track saws?

    Similar to your Dad I bought the Lumberjack a few years ago and honestly it was rubbish, well the saw was not to bad but the rails were not straight so I decided to get the Festool and yup it’s light and day compared to the Lumberjsck