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  1. J

    Everything must go!

    Everything must go! everything-must-go-t104192.html
  2. J

    Record Power Bowl Turning Attachment

    Settling In Joined: 04 Jan 2015, 20:19 Posts: 171 Location: Scotland Has thanked: 0 time Been thanked: 4 times Hi folks I'm looking for a part for a Record Power DML36SH for a friend who would like to keep his current lathe, but be able to make bigger bowls. It's called a Record Power Bowl...
  3. J

    Pro edge knife sharpening

    Hi folks Just wondering if any of you have any experience of the Pro edge knife sharpening jigs? I'm wondering if they're any good? Cheers Jamie
  4. J

    Buying at the Harrogate Show

    Hi folks I contacted Record Power to find out if they'd be doing a discount on the item I'm interested in at the show and yes they will be! They'll be selling it for £129.99 with free delivery. Apparently, the new venue means they can take card payments more easily, but going by what you folk...
  5. J

    Buying at the Harrogate Show

    Hi folks I'm attending the Harrogate Show later in the month and I'm interested in buying the Record Power BDS150 belt sander. I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience of what sort of discount is typical? I can buy the sander on line now for £149 with free postage, but I wonder whether...
  6. J

    Harrogate Show

    Hi folks Who's all going to the Harrogate Show (The North of England Woodworking & Power Tool Show) this year? My local woodturning club is putting on a bus for us so I'm heading there on the Sunday and I'm looking for a belt sander at a good price! Jamie
  7. J

    Dacia Duster

    Thanks for all the comments. However, does anyone have anything to add about the actual subject matter?! Cheers jamie
  8. J

    Dacia Duster

    Hi all My Renault Clio is up for renewal in six months time and I was considering getting a Dacia Duster. My reasons for considering this type of vehicle is that, 1) I live at the bottom of a quite steep single lane which in the winter is often difficult to drive up in my current car 2) when...
  9. J


    Anyone keep hens? Acquired three today so any advice welcome!
  10. J


    Any of you lot shoot? I'm going to a clay shooting taster to see if I enjoy it. Ideally I'd like to shoot small game and know folk who'd take me wildfowling and pest shooting. Just interested in how folk get started. Shotguns seem bloody expensive.
  11. J

    Aldi again. Gotta love this ad.

    Bodger's only ever turned parts for the chairs. Someone else completed it. Hence why if someone left a job half done today you might refer to it as a bodged job or that the person had bodged it.
  12. J

    Sand paper

    I've tried numerous brands and types of sandpaper and I find that the one I prefer by far is Rhynogrip red line.
  13. J

    Pleurisy from my face mask?

    As a Woodrurner and a nurse I can assure you that the mask, mouldy or not, could not have caused any sort of infection in such a short space of time. It'll have been working away on you for days before you noticed any symptoms. All the same, if this encourages folk to give their masks a wash...
  14. J

    Cross cutting on bandsaaw

    Hi folks How do you all safely cross cut logs on a bandsaw? I've watched someone put a piece of wood underneath which had a V cut out the middle to give the log support and to stop it spinning. Are these things available to buy or are they all handmade?
  15. J

    Rookie bandsaw problem

    Having set up my new shiny bandsaw last week and testing it on some pieces of scrap wood I decided today to try cutting a bowl blank from a piece of green beech. I sliced the bark edges off and drew a circle on top before starting to cut. I was using a 3/4 sabre tooth blade. I thought this was...
  16. J


    Hi folks Thanks for the replies. Having taken into consideration your comments and the online reviews I've decided to buy the Husqarna 135 petrol chainsaw with a 16" bar which is the maximum recommended bar size for this model. It's being sold new online for just under £200. I'll...
  17. J


    Hi folks I'm looking for advice on chainsaw choice. I've currently got an old McCulloch that leaks oil and isn't fixable. I want to be able to cross cut logs so that I can then move them into the bandsaw to create turning blanks. I'd like to hear about what chainsaw you use and whether or...
  18. J

    End grain seal

    Hi folks Having recently invested in my first ever bandsaw I'm now able to turn chunks of wood into turning blanks. What do you lot use as end grain sealer? How do you apply it, etc? I hear a lot of folk say they use cheap PVA. Anyone got experience of this method? Any advice welcome...
  19. J

    Prescription safety glasses

    Hi folks I'm interested in buying a pair of prescription safety glasses. I just use my glasses when in the workshop as I find the perspex safety glasses hard to see through. I've had numerous bits of wood fly towards my glasses and feel that it's only a matter of time before I damage them...
  20. J

    Excellent service from Record Power

    Hi folks I posted on here last week that I'd bought the Record Power BS400 bandsaw and it arrived yesterday after a battle with the courier/haulage company. The company who were arranging the delivery from Record Power to my address are called Price Express Transport. They then had a haulage...