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    Drilling bathroom tiles.

    Masking tape or even sellotape to stop the bit slipping and a spade type tile drill Argue ..:: job jobbed!
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    I'm leaving....

    There is the possibility that the person who made the offending comment is insensitive, lacks empathy, didn’t realise that you are you are a fragile soul or .... made a valid point!
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    Belt sander recommendations please

    I bought a Mac Allister belt sander 20 years ago from B&Q. It weighs a ton, is still going strong and replacement belts are still available from B&Q. Maybe I was just lucky.
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    Wide kerf FTG table saw blade.

    Hi I am currently using a 250mm blade with a 30mm arbor and 3mm kerf. I’d like to go up to a 6mm kerf
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    Wide kerf FTG table saw blade.

    Hi Can some advise me where to acquire a wide kerf FTG tablesaw blade please.