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    Draw Runners

    Hi Can anyone recommend a full extension runner that fits underneath rather than to the side of a drawer ? Cheers
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    LED Panels

    Does anyone have any experience with these very thin flat panel LED ceiling lights ? I've need some to light a 6m*5m space and any recommended solutions would be appreciated. Cheers
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    New Workshop

    My old brick shed is now down to ground (neighbour wanted the bricks so we took it down a brick at a time) and I'm just awaiting a skip and some hired hands to remove the remaining rubble, hammer up the floor and remove a load of soil. I'm looking at a area of approx 7-8m * 4-5m and planning on...
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    Great Browser Based CAD Solution

    I chanced upon onshape 2 days ago and I've been glued to it since. It's a lovely to use parametric & feature based CAD system that has some fantastic tutorials and videos to aid you in learning how to get the most from it. Hope some of you find it useful.
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    Drill Press Wobble

    I've just bought a Jet JDP 17F Pillar Drill from Axminster and it has visible wobble. Measured with a dial indicator on the outside of the quill it's about 0.2-0.3 of a mm. By the time this gets to the arbor it's about 0.5mm and at the tip of a drill it's more than 1mm. Axminster are sending...
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    Roof Insulation - Advice Appreciated

    We had our roof re-tiled a couple of years ago as it had no underfelt and the tiles were beginning to show their age. The finished result looks great as we kept with clay tiles but unfortunately the loft space is absolutely full of fallen lime cement from the underneath of the tiles (I did ask...
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    Record P/T

    Anyone have any experience/comments on the Record PT260 ? http://www.recordpower.co.uk/product/10 ... 0L8sZK9KK0
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    Record Bs350

    I finally got a bandsaw and after checking it over it appears that it's thrust bearings are totally wrecked - grooves and flat spots in them so I need to replace them. Anyone know what I need and from where ? Of all the bandsaws on record's site the BS350 is the only one that doesn't seem to...
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    HVLP Setup

    After sealing and spraying (via spray can) a new MDF fire surround I've decided I should invest in a spraying solution. In our house every new job requires a new tool (it's the only way I can get away with it) and the wife now wants some cupboards to match the fire surround. So, can anyone...
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    Almost done my decking - Just some steps to go. Done it all on my own in 3 weekends and evenings after work. More pics and plans here - http://www.defsdoor.org/gallery/v/defsd ... c/decking/
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    Ultimaker - 3d Printer

    Given endless pockets and an un-nagging wife I would dearly love to own one of these - http://blog.ultimaker.com/
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    Bring Justice to this silly person

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKB9V7MNEXY Police say the registered owner was not the driver and does not know who they are. Yeah right.
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    Recommend a bandsaw

    I'm looking for a bandsaw on a budget. Really can't spend much more than 5-600 but want something that will last me forever. Anyone got any good recommendations ?