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    Small Shed

    Hi, hope this is allowed, after its not a workshop?! The new shed will allow me to clear the garage out though, so i can have a workshop in there instead. I'm planning a 6 foot by 6 foot shed, but need a little assistance with some of the details. Firstly, I'm undecided on the base. I have in...
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    Making cabinet - help with housings please

    I'm fairly inexperienced with making stuff, but i have made a few bits and i'm learning slowly. I'm making a wall cabinet for my bathroom, to cover a hole in the wall (or niche) with shelves on already. I want it to look like a cabinet (so hiding the shelves behind), but instead of a door...
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    Help with external door/gate

    Hi, bit of a novice here with a limited selection of tools, but trying to learn and progress. Basically I need a side gate for my house, which will be attached to the house on one side and then latch to a post on a half wall on the other side. I have made a few braced and battened doors which I...