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    Full face dust masks.

    Powered respirators are not cheap, and the big makes with power unit on a belt, connected to the helmet by a hose, have become significantly more expensive due to COVID demand. I use the Sundstrom SR500/540 combination and am very happy with it - but you'll need a spare £1k or thereabouts! The...
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    Three phase motors

    Virtually all modern 3-ph motors are dual voltage so you can run them off 230V 1-ph mains with a suitable inverter. Don't forget speed - they come in a number of pole configurations, usually 2 or 4 poles, the latter running at half the speed of the former. Frame size, spindle diameter and...
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    Any physicist / meteorologist around

    It was long thought that we couldn't damage the oceans through pollution due to their size..... It was long thought that we couldn't damage the atmosphere through pollution due to it's size..... It is thought that cheap, green energy will solve all our problems..... But surely everyone will go...
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    DVR-XP Question

    The similar but smaller Record Power Coronet Herald has a stop button between the mains and the lathe. It is available as an accessory but would probably be too small for the DVR-XP although it does illustrate that the principle is sound. Whatever you do, don't put a stop button between the...
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    Peg Boards v French Cleats

    What Dave P said. I put French cleats round the entire workshop, all at the same height, around 30m length in total. The cleats now hold cupboards, shelves, Workmates, fans, tool boards, notice board etc and I can easily add other stuff as long as there are unused sections of cleat, while moving...
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    Replacing spindle pulleys?

    I think you mean the circlip groove. Run your fingers around the groove - that will tell you if there are any sharp or raised edges. A very large light touch with emery cloth may be indicated. Duncan
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    Replacing spindle pulleys?

    I don't know what groove you are referring to but quite possibly there is a burr or raised bruise on the shaft which is preventing further movement. Feel the shaft surface carefully with your fingers b- it is surprising how sensitive they are. Duncan
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    Carved yew piece

    I like that. Texturing is not always successful on yew, but it's worked well there Duncan
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    Jet lathe spares

    What is it that you need? Duncan
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    Axminster Precision Chuck Runout

    Have any of the faces been knocked, causing a (hard-to-spot) raised area?. Check with a straightedge on the face of the backplate that sits on the register. Duncan
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    Laser printers

    Depends how much you're planning to print. Cheaper printers are usually sold as loss leaders for the consumables. I have a Brother MFC-L3750CDW which is great for me as I don't print much - cheap, colour, dbl-sided printing, scanner, fast, reliable, reasonably compact. BUT, the drum has a...
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    Duck tape or duct tape?

    Cotton duck is still used; I received a hat made of cotton duck just yesterday. Also still used for clothing, canvas shoes and other heavy duty tasks. Duncan
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    Duck tape or duct tape?

    Something new every day! I knew that a specific brand of duct tape was called Duck but didn't know where the name originated. The modern stuff is commonly used on air ducts; not sure I'd try to contain water with it. Very good on tents as well! How about Denso tape - wonderful stuff, still...
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    Down the garden path...

    Looks great to me - and quantities are always difficult so no need to feel bad about that. As for the cake - you'll just have to eat it and make another one!
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    Beall bits UK?

    There should be no need to buy a Beall product. M33 x 3.5mm is a standard metric thread size and a carbon steel tap would be perfectly good enough for wood. RDG used to stock one but I can't see it there at present. Looks like £50-ish from eBay is one option. Alternatively, buy some M33 x 3.5mm...
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    Lathe extension identification.

    Looks to me like it is for an old Axminster Perform lathe. Model AWSL? It would quite possibly fit a number of Chaiwanese clones as well as the Axminster. FWIW, it is made of cast iron, not cast steel. Duncan
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    Coronet Herald error codes

    Record Power made some strange choices when they programmed the inverters on this lathe. A dig-in causes a spike in current or a dip in speed, either of which can generate an error code. Depending on the actual error code, they can either be hidden from the user or adjusted for a bit less...
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    Working out lathe speeds?

    600 rpm is the max speed stated on many sets of Cole jaws. Perhaps that is why the OP is asking - as a beginner he, quite rightly wants to play safe. Duncan
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    Tv aerial

    From what you say, your neighbours have external aerials - presumably because a loft aerial would not do the job Duncan
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    Lathe and tools wanted

    Ray There are a number of lathes for sale on the AWGB website ranging from £500 up to £2500. May be worth a look if you decide not to go for Blister's Coronet Herald. Duncan