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    Onetel / Talk Talk internet support

    Would you believe that Talk Talk say they offer a 24/7 service? The call centre is open those hours but the main technical support is only open from Monday to Friday 8am to 8PM if you are lucky. They took a number of people down on their fast broadband on Friday and we are still not up and they...
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    Building a CNC controlled router

    I have seen many threads on the American and Australian sites but nothing on this site. My question is if any member has built a CNC router?? I am thinking of building one with a bed of about 2000 X1000mm. I want to see one in operation if possible? A number of the constructors have built a...
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    Router Table completed at last

    I started out with a Triton router table but was unable to control the dust I decided to build my own but I did not want to lose any of the features that I had with my Triton. I looked at Norm's table but it did not give me the 460mm depth that I had. A visit to Philly's further...
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    Help in identifying these woods

    I mainly use sheet material for most of my work but got a phone call from a friend to say that a conservatory company was moving and they were throwing loads in the skip. I remove all but one of the seats in my A140 and went and loaded up twice - once for me and once for my friend . Attached is...
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    The Cyclone debate continues

    There is a good discussion on one on the American sites on dust collection and the use of dust bags having to be at least 20" diameter by 4' tall. It involves both Pentz and Dodge and is here
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    Getting TS & CS blades sharpened

    I am looking to get a number of blades sharpened and was wondering if anybody can recommend and shop West of London, Berkshire, Surrey or Buckinghamshire ie close to Camberley. What should i expect to pay. Is the pricing per tooth?? One recommendation was Southern Counties Saw Co in High...
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    Byron & WiZer

    I don't know why your two threads have been moved to the project section. Both of you have created more traffic in the BB than all of the users - please move them back as they are the star attractions - don't you think??? Barry
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    Aluminum like kitchen top edging strip

    I am looking for the aluminum like kitchen top strip that is just short of 40mm wide. It is on a white plastic backing. Ikea uses it on some of their worktops but don't supply it as an extra. I am looking for a 1 metre length as I am altering an existing kitchen. Can any of our kitchen fitters...
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    ClearVue 6" (Dia) cyclone

    Are their any users of the ClearVue 6" diameter cyclone?? I have built one but an not getting the separation that i expected and too much dust is ending up in the vacuum. I also have a Triton dust bucket modified cyclone that is letting virtually nothing through to the vacuum. If you can...
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    Helping Philly out

    Philly as you did not have room for your big cyclone I consulted the Witch Doctor and shrunk the cyclone. Its is now a little six incher. Hope this helps
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    My Workshop flooded again

    After the last flood I cleaned out all drains and checked that the soak aways were working. During todays down pour I discovered the problem - I am at the bottom of the road and the drains up the road are blocked and all the water is pouring into my drive way and flooded my workshop with 2" of...
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    Incra jig dovetail cutters

    I am looking for some dovetail cutters that are suitable for the Incra templates. From what I have read 7,10 & 14 degree cutters are used but I don't know the depth (the X value used by Axminster or C used by Trend) Thanks for any help you can provide. Barry ps The Incra agent said he did not...
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    The curse of Onetel

    Since Onetel has been taken over by Talk talk their broadband has been nothing but a problem. The latest started last week on Wednesday. Called the Indian call center and was given the usual run around - we do not support routers and networks only out touchspeed modems. I set up a stand alone PC...
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    Whats happened to Rutlands?

    Rutlands site has gone AWOL http://www.rutlands.co.uk/
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    Making a cone from 160mm PVC pipe?

    I am trying to make a cone from 160mm PVC pipe with an ID151mm. I need the bottom opening to the cone to be 59mm with and ID of 50mm. The cone depth has to be 250mm I have a number of programs that will allow you to calculate the sizes for using flat sheet but they are not working with tubes...
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    Woodpecker Phenolic Router Plate

    At last my router plate arrived - a wait of many months. I ordered a template to fit it but our good friend Roger did not order one for me. After all the trouble I had I am not wanting to wait any longer. I could make my own jig but was wondering, as the plate is a standard 9 1/4 X 11 3/4", if...
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    What should my first plane be??

    These visits to philly are very costly!! He has at least 40 planes or more and I don't own a single one. The last time I used a plane was about 45 years ago at school. If I were pressured into buying one or two what would you hand tool guru's suggest? I was having flash backs to my school days...
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    Table Saw Moulding Head

    The current issue of ShopNotes has an article on table saw moulding heads. Is this a similar no no as is the dado cutter??
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    Stair Repairs

    I have to repair or replace a flight of stairs in my daughters apartment in Paris. The original oak stairs are over 100years old and a single flight of 10 stairs. The stairs have a single "stringer" on the left and the right hand side is fixed stair by stair to the wall. The building was the...
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    Last weekend I made two headboards for the wife from some designer book that were to be covered in padding and fabric. I have just completed the bedside table and used some dado rail to finish it of. SWMBO when decided that the headboard now is not going to be padded but painted. Out with the...