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    baltic birch plywood

    Hi All, I would like to raise a point here. Is there such a thing as Baltic Birch Plywood ??. In Scotland I have been looking for a supplier of baltic birch ply in 6mm (1/4") thick sheets. I have over time purchased from various suppliers/timber merchants 'baltic birch ply' and it has varied...
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    wood identification please

    Hi All, I am asking if any one can identify this piece of wood. It is 3'4" long by about 4 1/2" wide and 1 3/4" thick. It is fairly heavy. Thank you in advance. Don W
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    Help needed with air bellows

    We have purchased 3 Workzone scroll saws at our Mens Shed. One saw has already burst a bellows and wont move air. Does anyone know where I can get spares ?? We have tried a lot of places with no success. Anybody ?? Don W
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    Olson scroll saw blades

    Hi All, Where can I get Olson blades in the UK ?? Don W
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    bandsaw blades 56 1/2" long for sale

    I have 4 off bandsaw blades for sale (56 1/2" x 1/2" x 6 TPI) I believe they are for the 3 wheel De Walt or possibly a Burgess scroll saw. I would like £25 for the 4 (including postage). I use Hermes as a courier. Don W
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    bandsaw blades 56 1/2"

    Hi All, I have 4 bandsaw blades 56 1/2" X 1/2" X 6TPI. Has anyone any idea what machine these fit ?? Don W
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    Kobe scroll saw from Cromwell

    Hi All, Has anyone any experience of the Kobe scroll saw that Cromwell Tools have on sale ??? I have a friend who wants a scroll saw, he has around £100-£150 to spend. Any suggestions ?? take care Don W
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    Magi finally finished

    Hi All, I have finally finished the Magi (pattern by Kathy Wise). Turned out quite well I think.
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    Latest on the Magi

    Hi All, Got some more done today (after unfreezing the shed lock), I now have 3 wise men in 3 stages of work. Wiseman_1 stained ready for assembly and finishing Wiseman_2 stained and assembled ready for finalcarving/sanding Wiseman_3 finished cutting ready for sanding/carving
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    Hi All, I managed to stain the front and back of wiseman 2. My problem now is 'do I varnish each piece before assembly or varnish after I have the front and back pieces assembled. ?? Any ideas ???
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    second 3d Name Cut

    Hi All, Had another go at this name cutting today. Still some errors but getting better I think. 30mm square Maple this time.
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    first 3d name cut

    Hi All, I have just produced this cut of my name. There are quite a few mistakes but I should improve with practice :D I made this during a break I took while cutting the 3 wise men project. Don W
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    3 Wise Men

    Hi All, I have been busy lately on this Kathy Wise pattern for a friend. I have the fronts cut, shaped and sanded ready to be stained. Next step is cutting the backs in the same manner and creating a 3d sculpture type set of standing figures. Don W
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    festive decoration

    Just finished the first lot of decorations.
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    wooden hand screw clamps

    Is there a maker in this country or do I have to buy from amazon.com and pay all sorts of money for Irwin or Bessey products. Does the DIY outlets like Jewson and Wickes supply these types of clamps ? Can anyone help ? take care Don W
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    need help with a SIP 16" scroll saw

    Hi All, I have a SIP 16" scroll saw that has a problem. With the blade down in the lower position I can place a piece of wood against the back of the blade as shown in the picture. When I raise the blade to its upper position, it moves away from the wood about 2 mm (1.75mm actually). Also the...
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    Bow and Bells finished

    I have also finished the Bow and Bells project. Enjoy.
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    Ted finished

    I have Ted finished and mounted on the wall. Thanks for all the advice I have received here.
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    Bow and Bells and Ted varnished

    First coat of varnish on my 2 latest projects. It has really soaked in to the bare bells and ribbons.
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    ted finished

    I have finished Ted and have him on the wall Love 'im. take care Don W