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    Rounded over dovetail joint?

    I'm planning on making a guitar speaker cabinet. All the usual hardware, corner protectors etc. assumes that edges are rounded over at a 1/2" radius. I'd planned on dovetailed joints and an oak carcass from some recycled panels just to look a bit classier than tolex covered ply, but I can't...
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    Projects to use laminated oak worktop material?

    I've a reasonable quantity of offcuts of laminated oak worktop material. The stuff made from grain aligned long blocks pressed and glued together faces glued ends finger jointed. Some useful lengths and sizes. 2 of sink cut-outs 900mm x 500mm (grain long axis) 3 of 2500mm x 300mm (grain long...
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    BLO finished wood getting mildewed in a cold workshop

    I recently re-started some cabinet making once I finished a build project. it's nice to be doing something less industrial. I refurbished a few planes, chisels and tools I picked up from ebay, as most of my hand tools were sold a while ago I needed new items. I did as I had previously and...
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    How to calculate honing guide protrusion?

    I've a nice little honing guide, nothing vintage or special, but it works. It has protrusions marked on the side for different angles - 50mm for a 25 deg angle and 38mm for 30 deg for plane irons mounted on the top, 40mm for 25 and 30mm for 30 for chisels mounted lower. I don't use it a lot as...